Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nap Time

Not even a steeped tea with milk could save me from going back to bed after dropping Mom at the airport this morning.  That 5:30am alarm buzzer came mighty early after not falling asleep until sometime after 2am. 


You know I really needed a jolt on the way home because I stopped for Timmy’s.  You all know a Timmy’s stop is pretty rare for me.  I do like their tea though.

Bye-bye Mom!!  :(

When I woke up again at 11:30 I was craving breakfast.  Unfortunately the fruit situation around here is in dire straits…the last of the grapes were bad and so were the last 4 Sunrise apples.  I guess they didn’t like it in the fridge.  So I had to make do with yogurt and some mix-ins.

The last of the Foxhill vanilla yogurt with raw oats, ground flax, hulled hemps seeds, a few pecans, and a sprinkle of craisins.




Since breakfast was so late and I had a few cups of coffee to keep my hunger at bay, I skipped lunch and just made a couple of little hummus wraps to tide me over through our afternoon walk.


Late afternoon FH and I decided we should get out of the house and headed over to the BLT trail for a walk.  We walked about 2.5km in and then back…another nice, crisp, brisk day on the trail.

Cracked open a bag of multigrain Tostitos for a quick munch when we got back…with salsa.  Love these chips.


FH is off to sea tomorrow for five effing weeks (actually he informed me today it’s closer to six weeks…I hadn’t done the math since they changed the departure date…boooo) so we planned a date night at home.

In lieu of dinner we made a little wine and cheese night.  FH had been saving a bottle of Tait basket pressed Shiraz he picked up during our visit to Winnipeg in July and decided tonight was good night to open it up. 


Along with a plate of cacciatore, extra old white cheddar, swiss cheese, the cranberry cheddar from Foxhill, and fresh sourdough with real butter.  I added some pickles too just for fun.

IMG_4656 IMG_4657 IMG_4658 IMG_4660 

nom nom nom.  All deeeelish (well except I am disappointed by the cranberry cheddar…sorry Foxhill, but I’m not a fan…I couldn’t taste cheddar or cranberry…just blah). I’ve been savoring my wine for a few hours while we watch movies…it’s perfect for sipping.

And now that we are on to our second movie (how romantic are we with Wolverine on BluRay?) I’ve finally broken out my secret treat that I picked up at the mall the other day.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory english toffee.  :) Yum!!


It’s going to be very quiet around here tomorrow.  After having Mom here for two weeks, and FH around for most of the Summer (the longest he has ever been along side since we’ve been together) (although he was away for vacation, etc quite a lot) it’s going to be weird to be alone for more than a month again. 

Good thing I’ve got my blogger gals coming to visit very sooooooon!!!!! :)

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farm girl. said...

= ( for A & Mom leaving!
= ) for the blogger gals visit!

nom, nom, nom makes me think of pac man every time!

Anonymous said...

The Fall is always the best time to go walking on the trails around here, they are so beautiful! I'd love to do the BLT one sometime :)

Looked like a great way to spend the night with FH. Sorry to hear the FoxHill wasn't good.

Angie All The Way said...

Haha cute pic! ;-)

Friday night was a bread, wine, cheese & grapes night for me. It was friggin fantastic. Okay Sat night ended up being a "too" much wine night, but that's another story. :-D

Glad you and your mom had a good visit :-D

Maria said...

Big :( to FH leaving.

Big crazy :D to that lovely cheese platter with a nice bottle as a send-off meal.

Roxy said...

Girl, dont consider that a nap if it is that early in the morning. LOL that is just back to well deserved sleep.

Kim said...

That makes me lonely just to think about! I'm sorry =-( I hope the time flies by!