Friday, September 18, 2009

Nova Scotia Open Farm Day, this Sunday can learn fun things from Twitter!  I just saw a Tweet from SelectNovaScotia that this Sunday is Open Farm Day here in Nova Scotia (also PEI and New Brunswick).

Open Farm Day has been a popular event since it's beginning in 2001.  In Nova Scotia this year, 52 farms are throwing open the farm gate to give you a chance to experience first-hand, the variety and flavor of our local farms.”

I have a day of quality time with FH scheduled so I don’t know if we’ll make it to any farms…but if the opportunity presents itself I’ll definitely try.


As for today…I woke up super groggy (probably because I laid in bed half-awake for like two hours last night) and was annoyed to realize that I hadn’t set up coffee before bed…so I laid on the couch in my robe trying to coax the cat to snuggle while I waited for the brewing.


Once my first cup was in my tummy I made breakfast. 

PC BM multigrain flax bagel toasted and schmeared with Foxhill curried quark.  Topped with tomatoes, red onion, and s&p.


Noon workout was more like 12:45 workout.  20 minute power incline walk on the treadmill, followed by some upper body work and then some core/ab exercises.

Bicep curls, shoulder presses, tricep dips, hamstring curls on the ball, crunches, scissor kicks, bicycle crunches…and one perfectly flat plank.  :)

A much needed Kashi bar was consumed immediately upon returning home.


Lunch was leftover sushi.  Sushi is not awesome the next day, but it was OK.  Filled the tummy.  :)

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Tonight is family date night.  FH, Mom and I are going out for a nice dinner to sort of wrap up her visit.  (she and I are spending the day together tomorrow but then she’s leaving Sunday morning).  I see some sort of seafood dinner in my future but you just never know!

We still have our deeeeelish secret treat from the mall that maybe will be dessert tonight too.  nom nom nom.  *giggles*

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Anonymous said...

Have fun tonight!!

Roxy said...

Are you a twitter?