Monday, September 21, 2009

Out to Lunch

I think for the first time since I started photo-blogging SIX months ago I actually ate a meal and totally forgot to take pictures.  I mean, I’ve skipped photos plenty of times but on purpose because I was on holiday, or sick, or on a date night with FH or something.  But today I made lunch…even making sure it looked pretty on the plate…and proceeded to cart it up to my office and polish it all off without even a thought of my camera.  Guess I was hungry!

It was only leftover meat & cheese from last night’s date meal…with some sourdough, carrot sticks, and a the last of the hummus.

Instead you’ll have to enjoy this little sign of fall I found in the melting frost on our lawn early this morning…



After dropping FH off for his work trip this morning I decided it was a Starbucks kind of morning (of course, we all know I think any morning is a Starbucks morning!).  I wanted to try the drink I’ve seen Tina mentioning at Carrots ‘n’ Cake lately. 

Grande Non-Fat Coffee Misto with two pumps of pumpkin syrup

We have a winner!  How did I not think to do something like this?  I always go with mistos when they bring out the egg nog…it’s cheaper and lower in cals.  Glad to have found out about this!


My drink held me over all morning until I finally decided to make breakfast around 10am.  Fall is upon us people…and I just knew I had to break out the first oatmeal of the season.  Besides, it was the only way I was going to get any fruit into the meal…nothing fresh on hand!

In the pot: 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/4 cup water, 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 frozen banana – chopped and stirred in near the end of cooking, big sprinkle flax meal.  Added 1/2 cup frozen blueberries just to heat through with only seconds of cooking time left.


I took the day off from the gym/exercise.  It was a beautiful day but I was making great progress with work, and at the end of the day I just wanted to get groceries, putter around the house, and wrap my brain around Mom and FH both being gone now.

Dinner was a convenience meal.  I picked up this Smart Ones about a month ago, and tonight was the perfect night to cook it up.  I don’t buy this because it’s WW, I buy it because it’s super yummy for a frozen meal.


Jazzed up with salsa, light sour cream, leftover black beans, and a big handful of multigrain Tostitos.  Just what I needed.


Dishes are done, laundry is spinning, nails are trimmed and filed, fridge is cleaned out.  Off to bed for me now…I’m exhausted!  Night all.

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Mary Sailors said...

The santa Fe beans meal is my fave!! I too had an uncommonly productive night. Is it the fall air? I can't believe how close we are to true fall weather!

Miz said...

I love my convenience meals :)

although smart ones? havent tried those yet.

Im in an AMYS rut.


JavaChick said...

I've never tried any of the WW frozen meals, but that does look good. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

eurydice said...

that is my FAVOURITE micro meal. so delish!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great eating day. I think a lot of us are onto the Santa Fe Rice & Beans! It doesn't taste like a frozen meal at all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great eating day. I think a lot of us are onto the Santa Fe Rice & Beans! It doesn't taste like a frozen meal at all.