Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Holy moly.  One little long weekend and all of a sudden I’m behind by like 6 posts.  Well, I’m here now!  Be prepared…this could get long!

When last I left you I was settling in for a night of Weeds Season 4 and some treats.  I ended up staying up until like 3am watching every episode.  :)

Amazingly enough I didn’t sleep the day away on Sunday…although I didn’t really do anything super constructive either. Puttered around the house making sure to be ready for Mom’s visit and picked up a last few groceries and such. 

Coffee and a Kind Bar for breakfast (this is my second one of these bars that was stale…)


Another delicious sammich made with the leftovers from our Eat Atlantic dinner party (only ate half the sammich…)


Discovered a dangerous new treat at Bulk Barncoconut cashews…they are like honey roasted cashews, only coconuty instead of honey.  Crazy good!!


The other half of my deeeeelish sammich with the last of the awesome farmers market cherry tomatoes and some of Lynn’s roasty spuds (which I baked up in the oven so they were crispy and awesome…)


I was aiming to be in bed at a reasonable time because I was supposed to get up extra early to pick Mom up at the airport, but as I was getting ready for sleep she called to let me know that her flight had been delayed so much that they had to put her on a different flight and she would be really late.  Poor Mama sitting in the boring Victoria airport for like 5 hours!  ewwwww.

When she did finally arrive at 10:20 Monday morning she was tired and hungry, so we headed for Cora’s.

I got the bigass waffle because I haven’t had it the last few times I’ve been there.  With yummy coffee and a small OJ.  Unfortunately our service sucked (our waitress was on us like crazy until our food arrived and then after that we never saw her again).  I ended up getting annoyed enough to ask someone else to get our bill, etc (seriously I never even got offered more coffee and both of our plates were empty, and our waitress looked right at us at least twice but never got to us).  We did get some coupons for next time though because they felt bad, so that’s something.


After that Mom needed to sleep to sort out her internal clock and make up for the 12+ hours of travel time and lack of sleeping on the plane, so I just spent the day reading and watching TV.  I was bored, but also completely unmotivated to find anything to do.  My gym was closed and I just didn’t feel like walking or anything.  You know those days.

For dinner I took the opportunity to make some yummy fish.  FH is away (he doesn’t eat fish so I don’t usually bother making it when he’s around) and Mom requested haddock while she was here, so I used the same recipe as last time for some easy pan-fried haddock.  I added dill and a sprinkle of cayenne to the egg mixture just for something different.

042 043  

Served with fresh green beans and the fingerling potatoes I got at the farmers market.  For the potatoes I just left them whole, tossed with olive oil, garlic powder, dill, and s&p.  Roasted on a baking sheet at 400 for about 20 mins…shaking them around about half way through.

040 041

Fish n chips!


And some quickie tartar sauce…light mayo, relish, minced onion, dill, lemon juice.


And for dessert, I used up the leftover ice cream from the dinner party and served it with some sauce made from frozen local raspberries and blueberries…simply heated on the stovetop with a sprinkle of sugar.

050  053

Along with a couple of new cookies I found the other day…Vanilla Bean Latte…how could I pass those up?!  :)


Hmmm…I had planned to post everything up to and including yesterday but this post has taken way too long so I guess I’ll have to recap some more later!!  After all, it is a work day and I do have a run to fit in here somewhere!  :)

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JavaChick said...

I love Cora's waffles. And pan fried haddock. Those coconut cashews look good too. And the cookies.

I think I'm coming to visit so you can feed me. :)

Maria said...

Gorgeous potatoes! They're so pretty when market-fresh.

And what is it with Cora? Love the yummy breakfast, but whether in Windsor or Kingston or Toronto, I've had a similar service experience to yours. :(

Anonymous said...

Great food as always! Those coconut cashews look dangerous :)

GarlicBOSS said...

looks like a fruit salad or is that waffle under it

Jen said...

MMM, I have to buy those cookies!!! And I agree with Tash, those cashews WOULD be dangerous!! And SO tasty!!!!

Have fun with your mommy!!!!!

Lex said...

mmmm I love peak freans!!! I haven't tried those vanilla cookies though.

Dannng those taters look AMAZING!!

Have a fun visit with your mom!!!!

misssarahlou said...


I have a blog award for you! Come and collect it at my blog post....