Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks for the tough love!

Treadmill:  20 min run

Upper Body:  3 sets tricep pulldowns, 2 sets bicep curls & shoulder presses

Core:  3 sets back extensions, 2 sets side extensions

Aren’t you proud of me?  hahahhaa.  Yes, I went to the gym.  Not my best workout ever…not even close…but I went, and that’s all I wanted to accomplish today.

Before I went I heated up leftovers for lunch.  Funny enough the tuna noodle casserole thingy was actually better heated up in the microwave.


Carrots and celery on the side.


Lunch was late (because breakfast way late, because I slept in!) so I kept my afternoon snack to a handful of dried apricots on the way to the gym.


Dinner was a simple, yet crazy good bigass salad

FH bought these PC Blue Menu veggie patties a while ago, but I think he lost interest after trying them…and since I hate waste (and spending extra grocery money!) I decided this would the the protein topper for my salady goodness.


In the big bowl:  mixed lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers, marble cheddar, olive oil, and s&p.


On the plate:  salad topped with veggie patty…big scoop of hummus…and a handful of Mary’s crackers for some crunchy goodness.


I’ve had those crackers in the cupboard for a few weeks but refused to open them until the rest of the open boxes of crackers and chips were gone…and I had some creamy hummus for dipping.  I bought hummus tonight knowing it was time to crack into the crackers!!


As for my to-do listonly ONE thing got accomplished.  Turns out that by the time I got through dinner and my shower it was already TV time.  And installing/updating my Blackberry software took for-freaking-ever…leaving me no time for the other tasks I thought I could do while sitting here.  Oh well.  One done is better than none done.

Tea and cookies while watching Grey’s (pretty good, but I remember why I don’t go out of my way to watch it).  The last three vanilla latte Lifestyles.  Now I’m out of cookie treats and can bake something this weekend without having an overload of snacks on hand.  :)


Tomorrow I have a massage booked.  I’m so excited.  This stiff neck/shoulder needs some professional help and it’s been months since I’ve been to massage.  I have to force myself to get up on time (early!!) in the morning so I can relax during my appointment and know that work is all good and I won’t have to come home and work on my Friday evening.  Someone call me at 8:30am, please? 

Tidbit I learned today:  Do you have fruit fly issues?  Because we sure do.  It’s a Nova Scotia thing because I swear we NEVER had fruit flies like this back in BC.  Anyway, Mom heard a trick from someone today…so I thought I’d try it…and so far, it’s worked like a hot damn.

Fill a small glass about 1/3 full with apple cider vinegar.  Squirt 3-4 drops of dish soap on top of the vinegar.  Leave the glass on the counter.  I did this and an hour later, there were 20 dead flies floating in there.  I didn’t even know there were 20 in the house!!  Gross, but effective.

Now I have to go convince myself I’m tired.  However, I may have just hit play on the PVR and this new show Mercy is looking pretty good.  ;)

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itsawrapteacher said...

What a great idea to turn your list of negatives into positives. I should practice this.

H-woman said...

I seem to always have fruit flies if there are peaches or nectarines around. I've got a dish with cider vinegar too! They're attracted to the sweetness in the vinegar and the soap clings to their wings so they can't fly. Or swim. =)

H =)

Jen said...

WOOT!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!!!

I am trying to download Mercy but my Mac died again...I am sensing a huge pattern here...

eurydice said...

my bf always puts a little red wine in a shot glass, covers it with saran wrap and pokes holes in the top. the flies get in but not out.