Monday, September 14, 2009

That’s More Like It

A well planned day ending according to that plan.  Two thumbs up! 

After my last post I headed for the airport to pick up FH.  He has returned from his impromptu family visit and is home for one whole week before the Navy steals him away for over a month.  Boooooo.

On the way to the airport I snacked on a PB Larabar (sorry no photo while driving an unfamiliar vehicle on the highway!) because I could feel myself getting shakey while I got ready to go.  I guess I didn’t fuel up enough before/after my little workout. 

Weird, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body.

Dinner was actually leftovers from last night, but since I never did post about last night this works out perfectly.  :)

Taco salads! Ole!

Last night I made up a quick batch of Mexican seasoning using a recipe I found online.  I quartered it…apparently they thought I needed two cups of seasoning…and used less salt, but it turned out perfect.


Browned up a pound of extra lean ground beef, drained off the fatty liquid, added two tablespoons of the seasoning and a big splash of chicken stock and let it simmer. 

When almost all liquid was absorbed I added a heaping cup of canned black beans (drained and rinsed) and a cup of canned corn (drained).  Simmered until heated through.  Sprinkled the finished product with a bit of fresh minced jalepeno.


The salad was chopped romaine, tomatoes, red onion, green onion and a smidge of purple pepper.


Sides were finely grated organic white cheddar, light sour cream, and salsa.  Oh, and the yummiest tortilla chips ever…Multigrain Tostitos.  (I promise I looked for natural or organic chips first but I refuse to pay $6 for chips I don’t really like…sometimes I just have to draw the line.)


My plate.  Deeeelish if I do say so myself.  :)


After dinner tonight I just stuck with a mug of tea and a handful of those Lifestyles vanilla cookies I mentioned last week.  Watched a movie with Mom and FH and here I am ready for beddy.  Night all.

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