Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What’s a girl to do now?

  • True Blood Season Two ended.
  • Big Brother 11 ended.
  • I’ve read all of my Sookie Stackhouse books.
  • I have started two more books and neither of them are holding my interest.
  • FH is about to leave for FIVE EFFING WEEKS!  Gah.

Good thing the Fall TV season is upon us!  And that I’m back into a gym rhythm (when my bad shoulder isn’t failing me!).

The quiet day continued into the evening yesterday.  FH was held up at work so I just put together a casserole for Mom and I and puttered around while that cooked.  It was a perfect night for TV watching but of course there was nothing on while I was hoping for the mindless action.

The casserole was a Campbell’s recipe I used to make from time-to-time but haven’t made in ages (since I found out that FH isn’t in love with rice dishes).  I subbed in green beans in place of the zucchini, and cream of mushroom soup (with skim milk) instead of their cooking sauce but otherwise pretty much followed the recipe.

Italiano Chicken & Rice Bake


Oh, I parboiled the rice a bit first because I have found in the past that it is often still crunchy if I just follow the recipe. 

And I opted to use only two chicken breasts cut into bite sized chunks, instead of four whole breasts.  Cooks a little faster and saves a few bucks.  :)


Served with some steamed broccoli for some extra veggie love.


Mom and I spent the evening watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada (it’s getting so hard to guess who is going home now!!) and the Big Brother finale.  Yaaieeeeee for the winner (I won’t spoil it just yet because I hate that!)!

We enjoyed some Cheetos Crunchits and Vanilla Bean Latte cookies while watching.  It seems to me that sometimes that amount of reality TV requires some junk food.  :)

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Katy said...

hey...vampire diaries is a good alternative right will get you through the fall at least!

Anonymous said...

OOOH, tough call!!! I was actually trying to send you a message through facebook to see if that WAS the last episode of True Blood...oh no!!! It was SOOOOO good!!!

Um...let's see...NOW would be a good time to download 4 seasons of How I Met your Mother (and start watching season 5 next monday!!)...ANTM is on...SYTYCD is back on for the fall (the regular version)...

gee...what you like to knit? ;)

Tamara said...

A new season of Being Erica is starting on CBC next week. I really like that show. And Dragon's Den. It's so great!

So do I have time to watch Seasons 1 & 2 of True Blood before 3 starts. I think I want to start watching that show. Seems like everyone who watches it loves it.

Cat said...

You need to watch Dexter. Everyone should be watching Dexter in my opinion though...

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I do watch Dexter! Weeeee. And Weeds!! Weeeeee some more.

Phew. haha.