Monday, October 26, 2009

3 O’clock Block Walk

Apparently I’m in a rhyming mood today!

After slogging through the hell that is my inbox on Monday mornings, and eating a tasty lunch I decided to again take advantage of the blue skies and get my walk on.  20 minutes around the neighborhood.

To make it a little more interesting I had fun checking out all of the Halloween decorations.  Seems to me that there were more last week?  I think some peeps have pulled theirs down because of the shite weather we had over the weekend.  Hope no one minded me paparazzi-ing their front yards…

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Before I walked, there was lunch


Baked sweet potato topped with shredded cheddar, salsa, and light sour cream.  Holy filling.  Hit the spot!


Plans for tonight:

  • light supper
  • 5km training – treadmill interval run
  • yoga at my gym (first time!)
  • hot shower
  • heat pack
  • pumpkin fudge
  • good book
  • early to sleep (of course, early for me is anything before 1am!)
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Lex said...

Love the decorations around your neighborhood! That's the crappy thing about being in apartments - no one really does anything.

Nicole said...

My darling son and Hubby are in charge of decorations at my house. The ceiling in my kitchen is covered and now outside my yard is a mass of caution tape and cobwebs. They have more plans (read: dead bodies) but they will put those together in the next few days...

Kim said...

What are you reading? I need a good book... mine's almost done!

Lisa said...

Baked sweet potatoes definitely look like sthg I might need to try. Only had my first experience w/ sweet taters yesterday!