Sunday, October 18, 2009

And just like that…

…it’s just me again.  :(

Well, me and Stoopy!


FH and I tried to make the most of the day today, but mainly we ran errands.  The problem with FH not being approved for this course before he left for his last sail is that he had absolutely no opportunity to prepare.  This course is more Army based so he had lots of gear to go through, sort, pack and assess…and several bits and pieces needed to be picked up.


We did start with breakfast though!  Our beloved Armview had a line-up and since we were pressed for time we decided to head up the road and try out Athens Restaurant instead.  They moved a while ago and we hadn’t been back since.  Two thumbs up on the new location!  Much nicer room…bigger and classier…with big windows and deep, comfy booths.

010 011 015

The brunch menu is still the same as far as I can tell…and it seems that the prices have only gone up a smidge.  I chose the Standard Breakfast (which is also listed outside as their special)…eggs, bacon, toast and hashbrowns…including coffee for only $5.49. 


We agreed that the food actually seems better now.  Especially the hashbrowns, which are now big slices of fried potatoes (previously they were frozen cubed things).

009 008

We’ll definitely bump Athens back up our list for go-to weekend breakfasts. (And I suppose we should try out dinner at some point too!)

Ate, ran errands, finished packing, went to airport.  Fastest 24 hours EVER.  Booooo.

I made myself feel better with a stop at a farmers market on my way home.  Some people eat chocolate, I shop for butternut squash.  :)

For dinner I finally incorporated some leafy greens…possibly for the first time since the Lobster Boil if I remember my menus correctly.  Sad but true.


Just some baby lettuces with red onion and chopped tomato. Dressed simply with grapeseed oil and s&p.

Served with Amy’s Tomato Bisque


And a few slices of leftover baguette and cheese from date night.  One havarti, one brie, one cheddar.

039 040

Deeeeelish.  Comfort food.  Love it.

Completed the evening with some decaf tea and a few Love Cookies while watching Amazing RaceIs it just me or is this season just not as exciting as usual?  I kept zoning out.  Maybe I’m just in a zone out kind of mood…


I feel a reasonable bedtime coming on.  Night all!

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Anonymous said...

I feel sad for you that your sweetie is gone again :( *hugs*

Lady J said...

That Athens breakfast looked amazing for only $5.99.... that's almost unheard of anymore!!

Miz said...

**hang in there**

I cant imagine how hard this is for you saying goodbye again.

skinny me! said...

It must be hard with your hubby having to be away so much :( Is he in the navy?

On a bright note always make the most awesome looking food and inspire me to makes something totally yummy!

Carolyn said...

Awww. So sorry he is away again. You are one strong girl Jamie! Sending lots of happy thoughts your way today for sure!

The meal looks sooo yummy! I'm totally stealing your wine and cheese idea and having a wine and cheese night! Love it!

Angie All The Way said...

All of it, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

Tamara said...

Boooo to the 24 hour turnaround. :(

Amazing Race is a little lacklustre this year. We talked through the whole thing last night. There have been seasons where I wouldn't even answer the phone during an episode. We were reminiscing about some of our faves last night. Remember the girl who spent 8 hours rolling out hay bales and never did finish the challenge? She's our hero.

Jen said...

AW, 24 hours just isn't long least you have a handsome mr. stoopy to keep you company!!!

Sorry it went by so fast darling...

Maria said...

Love love love that dinner. My kind of meal. So simple and comfy.

Mr. Stoopy will take care of ya, girl.