Friday, October 16, 2009

Around the Internet 3

So I missed the actual week 3 because I was too busy partying it up with my girls (OK, I was actually working on Friday but way too busy to make time for an extra blog when I was racing to get to our Thanksgiving Dinner).  :)

But here I am.  I know, you were riveted on the edges of your seats.  haha.


1 - the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks - Hot off the Twitter presses, this site was just brought to my attention by the lovely Lex a few minutes ago.  It has extra special hilarity for anyone that attended our GTG.  Let’s just say we now have our own inside “quote jokes”.

2 - LipDub – I Gotta Feeling - Who doesn’t love a group choreographed lip sync?  Another link brought to you by Twitter.  Actually Ashton Kutcher posted this link.  Not only is it cool (and there’s a whole bunch of these on YouTube) but it’s perfect timing since this was our GTG theme song!

3 - Jillian Michaels on Facebook - (and Twitter for that matter)  I’m not a hardcore Jillian loving superfan, but she’s really mastered the art of funny status updates and cute pictures and videos.  And she makes a lot of fun of Bob, which is quite entertaining.  :)

4 - Yogurt-Zucchini Bread with Walnuts – it seems to me that many folks around the blogosphere are in need of recipes to use up the last of this season’s zucchinis…and I love nothing better than a good zucchini bread.  This one uses yogurt to keep it moist without added fat.

5 - Just for Haligonians! East Coast By ChoiceAnother blogger transplanted in HalifaxTorontonian by birth, East Coast by choice. The trials and tribulations of living in Halifax. One blog posting at a time.  I especially appreciate her restaurant reviews.


Now get back to work!  TGIF. 

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I love your around the internet posts!