Saturday, October 31, 2009


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I just had my first little kiddies at the door, so I guess it’s that time!!  It’s not dark yet though, so I imagine it’ll be at least another half hour before they really hit full force.  If memory serves, last year it was about an hour non-stop and that was it…so hopefully it’s similar this year.  I have enough candy for about 50 kids or so.


Only chocolate this year.  :)  So far I only ate one!!


Started this morning with another Halloweeny mug filled with coffeeeeee


While I carved my pumpkin I sipped on a smoothie…figured I should probably get some fruits and vitamins in me early just in case tonight turns into a bit of a snackfest.


In the blender:  1/2 banana, frozen blueberries, vanilla Almond Breeze, and a packet of Amazing Grass Amazing Meal


Main review of the product to come next week, but if this first pack is any indication it’s going to be a great review.  Yummy!

Kept me full until a light snack mid-afternoon.  Honeycrisp apple and cheddar cheese


I attempted to do some yoga this afternoon…but no go.  Holy shite did it hurt!! This thing in my neck is like a huge pinch that reacts all the way down my bicep, and man oh man did turning my head damn near bring tears to my eyes!  Waaaaaah.

[Just interrupted by the CUTEST little pink dragon!]

Kept busy this afternoon with household chores and didn’t even bother with lunch.  Straight onto an early dinner…leftover acorn squash filled with homemade chili from the freezer.




Well the kiddies are a pounding on the stairs now!

[interrupted this time by teenagers…slackers in the costume department!  sock monkey toque plus sock monkey gloves does NOT make a costume.  LOL.]

After they are gone, I’m off to a friend’s place for a scary movie and some treats.  nom nom nom.

My bat-o-lantern won’t stay lit!!  It’s so windy!  Poor kids…at least it’s warm out!!



[it has taken me 45 mins to post this…the kids just keep on comin…I’m already almost out of candy!!]

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H-woman said...

I am in AWE of anyone who can make jack-o-lanterns like that!! I can barely manage triangle eyes and lopsided grins.

H =)

Anonymous said...

Amazing pumpkin! You look so cute!

Angie All The Way said...

Excellent jack-o-lantern!!!

I can't believe we got swarmed by kids and we weren't expecting that many!

Yummy lookin squash!

Lainey said...

I love the bat-o-lantern!

We haven't gotten any kids yet, but I just saw some across the street. But it's only 6:24 here, anyway.

Jen said...


We have had MAYBE 12 kids and it's 7:15...hopefully we will get a few more...we are going to watch a creepy movie afterwards...hopefully I can sleep tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, love the horns, you look so cute. :)

Great job on the pumpkin too, spooky! I loved all the Halloween stuff you've posted about over the past weeks... the tour of your decorated neighborhood was a neat idea.

I would have never though to try chili in the squash, mmm looks delish!

Shirls said...

love the pumpkin and the ears!