Saturday, October 24, 2009

Decent Proposal

OK, I have a strange proposal…  Attention American readers!!

It’s so frustrating to read about all the cool, healthy, fun foods you all can get down there that we poor Canadians don’t have access to.  Just now I saw Clif Z-bars on a blog yet again…and it made me sad.  And all the talk about Trader Joe’s is becoming infuriating!  We want TJ’s too!!!  Pumpkin butter, peanut butter filled pretzels, fun soups, cereals, sauces, and snacks. 

So I’m wondering which of you lovely Americanos would like to arrange some sort of exchange?  (Not that I can figure out what a Canadian gal like me would send you since you all seem to have everything down there, but I’ll come up with something even if it’s money! hahahahaha!)

  • Who wants to help me out with a fun Trader Joe’s surprise pack?
  • Or a collection of tasty snack bars not available on our side of the border?
  • Or fabulous Kashi products that we don’t have?
  • Or…
  • Or…
  • Or…
  • Is there something Canadian you want?

I’m open to any and all ideas.  What do you all think?  Email me!!  ( email addy over there ----->)

(side noteattention vendors and manufacturers…this includes YOU!  send samples for review!  /shameless plug over)


After my massage (finally a therapist that specializes in necks and shoulders…word of the day: COMPRESSION!), and my guzzle of water I stopped to run a few errands and this pumpkin spice misto just jumped into my hand.


I was close to home so decided to pop in for a homemade lunch.  I’m so loving that I just don’t give a shit about fast food these days.  (People, I’m a fast food whore…er, I was!)  Me likey a big fat omelette instead…


1 egg, 1 egg white, sauteed mushrooms, organic spinach, and dill havarti.  FYI: chop your spinach and stir right into the eggs…when it cooks it holds everything together for a perfect omelette.


With ketchup!  (maybe that’s the last of my fast food cravings hanging on?)


Now back to the yucky outside weather to compost the remainder of my garden bits and pieces.  Sadly, Winter is fast approaching and the flowers are sooooo done for the year.  :(

Don’t forget…send me stuff!!  *wink wink nudge nudge*

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Carolyn said...

I completely agree. I can't STAND that we Canadians don't have access to all the wonderful goods that are available in the US. Luckily I live in Saint John which is only about 1 hr 15 mins from the US boarder....but sadly, no Trader Joe's even close. Booo :(

H-woman said...

I love going to my friends' cabin in WA so that I can go to TJ's (well, there are other reasons, too, but TJ's is a big one)!

What I want to know is can we get that yummy looking Chobani yogurt in this fine country of ours?!

H =)

Bec said...

i love omelets, they have so much yummy goodness in them!

Nicole said...

Being Canadian is great but for one minor thing....that US products are so widely varied and ours are not.
I wish we could get HALF the stuff they do!!!

itsawrapteacher said...

Do we really have a larger selection of stuff? Sadly, I live in Texas and am no where near a Trader Joe's so I'm with you on missing that. But we do have a HUGE amount of Kashi products. What else are you missing and wanting?

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

itsawrap: We don't have any of the mini Clif or Luna bars, and only have a small selection of flavors. There are tons of other snack/health/protein bars that I see on the US blogs too...hard to remember them all though.

I'm going to chat with the Halibloggers and see if I can come up with a list of fun stuff. :)

The biggest drag is perishable items...yogurts, PomX, etc. Of course, those are impossible to trade!

Tamara said...

Hey Jaime: thank you so much for the comment on my run. It was a big day for me :)

Ignorance is bliss, no? ;) Up until recently, I didn't know Trader Joes and Chobani yogurt existed. NOW I long for those products! I hope you have some luck with your exchange. You can always send them some OLD DUTCH! :)

Lainey said...

Have you ever tried salsa on an omellette? Yummy!

Lady J said...

I'm with Lainey, salsa on any eggs is heaven.... I even eat my perogies with salsa and sour cream!! I rarely use ketchup anymore, sometimes on scrambled eggs and that's about it. :o)

itsybitsyknitsy said...

Oops, commented on the wrong post... sorry!

Shirls said...

2 questions:

1. what is a misto? I see it on the menu all the time but I don't know what it actually is, yes I could google it but I like real people's answers..

2. what do you mean by compression for neck and shoulders massage? I've been having really bad issues with the space in between my shoulder blades for months now, I keep trying massage and chiro but it just keeps on coming back so I'm curious about this compression thing..


ps - keep working on those little evil pumpkins, eventually I'm positive you will get rid of them all ;0)

Shirls said...

Your USA/Cdn list? You could add this odd ball item..

USA WW English Muffins! I know that sounds nuts as they are avaiable in Canada, but I was just looking up the NI for these on-line and I know for a fact that the package I bought yesterday in Safeway said 14o calories... all the info I can find on-line is telling me that the US WW english muffins have only 100 calories!! seriously WTF? is up with that? things like this drive me absolutely crazy.

Krista said...

Jaime: I read your blog and many other Canadian blogs. Unfortunately, I don't live near a Trader Joe's but I do have access to some of the items you talk about. Email me at and maybe we can come up with a plan. I love to help others eat healthy and try new products!!!