Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drama: Fail!

So my day may have started out with some annoying drama (*cough…er, dirty effing troll…cough, cough*) but it was quickly turned around by multiple fun things

Well, first there was breakfast.  I cheated and just made a snack plate.  The unidentified farmer’s market apple, cheddar, and Yogurt-Zucchini Bread.

001 002

With half-caf obviously.  I think I’m getting used to this.  I think. 

{picture coming}

Then I checked the mail pile and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a pretty red envelope filled with cheer!  And if by cheer you thought I meant coupons for free stuff you’d be right! 


Stay tuned to find out what’s in there.  :) 

And while I should have been outside walking and getting fresh air I decided to drive down to the post office to pick up a package that’s been waiting for me for a couple of days.  I knew what it was, but opening it was still a little like getting a present


Can you guess what I got?  It’s going to come in handy for Project Energize (I just made that up, but I think that’s much better than Project Get-Yer-Ass-Off-the-Couch). 

Since it’s Wednesday, that means afternoon conference call of doom…hence, a quick and quiet lunch that can’t be heard via my phone with no mute button.

Plain Yogurt, sliced banana, Kashi Honey Almond Flax.  Topped with warmed The Bee’s Knees.  Stirred until the Kashi was no longer crunchy.


nom nom nom.


Healthy breakfastcheck!

Healthy lunchcheck!

Indulgent dinnercheck!

Today is FH’s best friend’s birthday so his wifey invited me to join them and a few others for a meal at The Keg.  Mid-week steak?  OK!  Um, except I ordered chicken.  haha.

Sorry gang, no photos.  Just wasn’t in the photo-blogging mood tonight since this was all about friends, celebrating and catching up

I arrived a bit late which worked out for me food-wise.  They’d already ordered appies so I just had a few nibbles from theirs instead of eating a whole one of my own.  Happily, my entree came with a Caesar salad so I got some fresh and crispy greens in me first.  Our meals took quite a while to arrive and my snacks had started to settle in my belly so I basically just ate a polite amount of my dinner and had them pack the rest up.

013 Tomorrow’s lunch is going to rawk!  Garlic mashed potatoesneed I say more?


Without dwelling on it I just wanted to thank all of you for commenting today and saying a lot of nice things.  Funny how someone that was obviously out to cause me some grief ended up creating one of my favorite comment days ever!  :)  mwah to you all.

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Cat said...

This is ME...showing some LOVE for one of my favorite bloggers in the whole world!!

I heart you, and I think you're fabulous and great and original and brilliant and gorgeous, inspiring and fun.


Anonymous said...

I luv the Keg . . . I seriously crave the escargot all the time . . .

Angie All The Way said...

I recognize the red envelope! Pretty sure I know what's inside ;-)

Enjoy the Amazing Grass too! Me = big fan :-)

We're here to poop on negative nellies any day!

eurydice said...

i can't tell what you got in the mail - amazing grass maybe as per angie's comment above?

i just read the troll's comment. that is pretty whack!

Shirls said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm garlic mash, *drool* so love keg garlic mash with an awesome steak and some red wine.. I think I know where I'm heading this weekend! (btw I answered your ? on my blog)

Roxy said...


Nicole said...

see mashed potatoes any way is a good thing!!!
I love them with garlic...I love them with veggie spice...I just plain love them *laughs*

which is why I can't have them too often

Jenny from da' rock said...

My favorite part of any Keg meal is the garlic mash- YUMMY!!!