Thursday, October 01, 2009

Green Livin’

Since I decided to leave the neighborhood for my walk this afternoon I had to take my car.  And since I had my car, I had my trunk full of empties for recycling.  And for some reason I finally decided today was the day to actually stop at the recycling depot (I’ve only been carting this stuff around for over a month!).


I was intrigued by these giant bales of copper that an employee was power washing while I was there. 


I was rewarded with $20 for my recycling efforts.  WooT! 

After that, I headed back to the BLT trail for a 3km walk.  So pretty!  Hello first day of October!

006 008

I might have been multitasking during my walk.  By multitasking I mean tweeting and emailing with my Blackberry.  :D


Lunch was the leftovers of my Campbell’s “meh” soup from last night.  And a plate of veggies with almond butter because the fridge is looking mighty bare today. 

014 015

Now here it is 5:30 and I’m actually finished work for the day!  So I’m snacking on this piece of banana bread and thinking about heading out to run some errands and buy myself something cute with my hard earned $20.  Festive Autumn decor, anyone?


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Lynn said...

I'm so envious of your walk, was a gorgeous day for it!

H-woman said...

That looks like a gorgeous path! One day I will travel east in the fall to see those amazing colours!!

H =)

Angela said...

Your walk looks gorgeous!

I am heading East next summer, cannot wait to see what you see!

Angie All The Way said...

It was a GORGEOUS day for a walk!

Anonymous said...

Your walk pics look so pretty!