Friday, October 30, 2009

H is for Happy-licious

Why did I not this to do this before?!!

Apples and cheese are a match made in HEAVEN!  (I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I rarely eat an apple a la carte…it’s always got cheese or PB with it…)

I’m running low in the veggie department around here so thought I should include fruit in my lunch.  I wanted something warm and comforting though.  So I looked in the fridge and found the last two small tortillas calling my name and got an idea.

Honeycrisp & Havarti Quesadilla!!


Sliced up 1/4 of a fresh Honeycrisp apple and sandwiched it between the two tortillas with grated dill havarti cheese


Grilled on the Griddler until hot, crispy, and oozing cheese.


Topped with plain yogurt and red pepper jelly.


Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish.  OMG.

My little hint to you:  grate your cheese on the small side of your box grater…it creates more volume so your one ounce can cover a lot more ground (or tortilla as the case may be).


I got sooooo much work accomplished today.  I don’t feel like I’m way behind now.  Makes for a much nicer feeling going into the weekend.  See what a clean desk can do!?!

Late afternoon I started to get a chill so made a cup of tea and grabbed the last hunk of pumpkin spice fudge for a little pick me up.  (No I didn’t eat it all…most of it is wrapped up for gifties or later use).


Like my little napkin?  If you knew me in real life, you’d know that this is extremely fitting.  Apparently my friends think this is funny.


Tonight I have a squash to create dinner with, a pumpkin to carve, and cookies to decorate.  Happy Friday night everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I love apples and cheese -hot apple pie and sharp cheddar is to die for as is a grilled cheese and apple sammy, but I never thought of a wrap! Great idea!

H-woman said...

I <3 Honeycrisps! I usually eat mine with some gouda--I'd never thought of making a grown-up grilled cheese! Will get some dill havarti at the market tomorrow!

H =)

Anonymous said...

I am so stealing this sammie idea, yummy! :)

Fatinah said...

I HAVE to get a griddler!! That looks SOOOOOO good!

Kim said...

What a creative quesadilla! Love it!