Friday, October 23, 2009

I Should Be Running Right Now

But instead I’m still working, drinking mint tea, hugging my heat pack, and whining out loud about my arm pain!


Unfortunately the first outdoor run we Halibloggers planned just didn’t pan out.  Some gals had previous engagements, a few are sick/injured, and the weather is the sucks.  My excuse is my arm (which is actually my neck) pain…which has just spontaneously presented itself this week.  I’ll have to dig out last year’s posts about this because y’all it’s exactly the same…except on the opposite side!  It hurts like a mofo. 

This is my unimpressed face.

At least my eats were yummy today…

Cracked open a new jar of Peanut Butter & Co. this morning…The Bee’s Knees this time, which you know I LOVE cuz it’s got honey in it!  I almost always drizzle honey on my peanut buttered toast, but now it’s built right in.  Another winner from PB & Co.


On a slice of multigrain toast with some sliced banana.

022 023

And egg-nogerfic half-caf of course. 


While eating my tiny salad last night I decided it had been far too long since a bigass salad made an appearance on the blog, so I made a plan for one for lunch today.


It’s miserable outside and a cold salad didn’t sound too appealing, so I heated things up!  Sauteed mushrooms, onions, leftover navy beans with a smidge of real butter.  nom nom nom  :)

Scooped that over a bed of organic baby spinach and chopped vine tomatoes.  Steamy good.  Topped with some finely grated cheddar because who doesn’t love some melty cheddar?!

027 028

At the last minute I threw the leftover brussel sprouts in the hot pan just for something extra.


Afternoon snacky required some crunch.  Skinny Sticks to the rescue!


And now peppermint tea.  To help warm me up, perk me up, and cheer me up!


I guess tonight is now a “curl up on the couch and wish away the pain” kind of night instead of a “hanging with my girls and having a great time” kind of night.  :(  *pouts*  At least I have a cute new book (well, new to me)…

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1 comment:

Tamara said...

Boo on the shoulder pain and no run! That peppermint tea reminded me that I tried that mint tea/hot chocolate combo. Tres yum!

Hope your Friday night is a good one!