Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me + outdoor running = NOT BFFs

I finally updated and charged my iPod, the sun is shining, I was feeling more motivated, I had hydrated, I got up on time, and work wasn’t pummelling me with time sensitive projects…all things pointed to OUTDOOR RUN.

Except that I’m not experienced at outdoor running. AT ALL

Before I set out I had breakfast


The Bee’s Knees and banana on toast.


Gasp!  Out of coffee this morning…oh no!  Rescued by Starbucks Via sample pack.  Phew.  Strong but tasty!

019 020

I updated my iPod.  It has literally been sitting here unused for about 6 months.  I finally wiped out my old music (bye bye songs I have had for 8 years!) and started from scratch.


And hooked up my new headphones.  My original iPod ones died last Winter, and the replacement pair I got wouldn’t stay in my ears.  These ones don’t seem to be much better…grrrr.


I was running a bit behind and breakfast had started to wear off so I munched on 1/2 a lemon Larabar on my way out the door.


The run = the sucks.

- Mistake #1putting my camera in my pocket.  it bounced around too much and distracted me.

- Mistake #2carried a water bottle.  again, distracting and I didn’t need it.

- Annoying thing #1new headphones didn’t stay in my ears.  so another thing distracting me.

- Annoying thing #2using iPod as timer.  I so need a digital watch (or a Polar!!).

- Rookie mistake el grande:  pacing!  I start out too fast.  I’m used to setting my pace on a treadmill and have no idea how to pace myself on my own.  I’m all over the place!

Needless to say it wasn’t the nice interval run I was hoping for.  More of just a mish-mosh of running when I could and a lot more walking than I should.  Any suggestions?  Obviously I need help! 

It was 3km in about 25 mins.  Lame.

Came home and went straight for lunch. 

The controversial “soup-snob” soup leftovers.  I hate waste so I just amped it up with some parmesan cheese and lots of fresh ground pepper.


Served up with a quick salad of spinach, grated zucchini, carrots and balsamic.


And hummus with FSTG chips.


As much as the run wasn’t what I thought it would be, I’m still glad I did it.  I kicked my own ass to get out there and do something, and now I know that I really need to focus to be ready for the Santa Shuffle 5km in just 5 weeks…eeeek.

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Anonymous said...

I am scared to death for the Santa Shuffle.

christyf5 said...

LOL, sorry but I thought your running story was pretty funny (of course this is coming from a non-runner so I know you runners are all serious and junk ;) ). But on the headphone front, I just bought a pair of panasonic noise isolating ones from LondonDrugs (not sure if you have LD out there) anyway, they have these little thingys on them that you can "custom" fit to your ears, they come with 3 sizes so you can figure out which ones you like best. They work awesome and no worries about them falling out. And I find they don't hurt your ears like the other kind do after a couple of hours.

Heres a pic so you can make sense of my description:

Lynn said...

Aww don't be scared, it will be okay once your body gets used to it. But seriously huge difference then the treadmill eh? I found it so hard when I first started running outside, thought I was going to die. :)

I have the same problem with ear phones, I can't get the ear buds ever, they always fall out of my ears.

Marlène said...

This summer I bought John Bingham's book "Running for Mortals".

It is GREAT!

Lots of programs to choose from. Run-Walk 5k, Walk-Run 10k, Weight loss running programs, etc. I'm currently doing the Run-Walk 10k, and it's got me running (and walking) for ~40-50min each time, and it's terrific. Highly recommend that book!

H-woman said...

I <3 my Garmin for intervals. Otherwise I have no ability to pace myself, either!

And John Bingham is my hero--I've used his training programs for half marathons and marathons.

H =)

JavaChick said...

It's been a while since I've done any running outside, but it is different when you don't have the treadmill to set the pace, that's for sure. Keep at it, it'll get better as you get used to it.

Oh, and I'm a soup snob too. So there.

Tamara said...

You hit the nail on the head: classic rookie error: running too fast.

Running outside is WAAAAY different than a treadmill and ultimately way more satisfying as well. My simple advice to you is this: slow down. Next time you get out there, just hit a nice easy pace. You're already using up way more energy on the self powered forward motion unassisted by the treadmill track. Not too sound to flaky but you need to "feel" your natural pace. Once you find it, then you can try the fancier stuff like intervals. And 3k in 25 mins is nothing to scoff at if you were taking walking breaks.

Good luck Jaime and STICK WITH IT!

Tiffa said...

I echo slowing down. It wasn't until I bought my Garmin (about 5 months after I started religiously running outdoors) that I realized just how fast I was starting out my runs... now wonder I was getting tired out. Next time you go, do the first half of your run at "an embarrissingly slow pace". I read that somewhere and it was great advice! Because even when you feel like you're going embarrassingly slow, it's still probably faster than you should be going! Good luck and don't get discouraged... you will rock this 5k run!

Kim said...

I have zero advice to offer seeing as how I can barely jog, but maybe try going on a run with a friend who is more experienced? Lynn seems to know her way around her running shoes...

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oooh I remember my first outdoor run well. It was HARD and it was on a track but still HARD!

Keep it up, it'll get better!

Totally feel your pain with the camera in your pocket thing, I've had that problem with my phone before!

Bec said...

i definitely make over my soups with pepper and cheese too!

Espressomama said...

Keep trying! It does get better. I can't imagine running on a treadmill now, but it takes a few runs to get used the difference. The Santa Shuffle sounds like a blast, but you ladies are all too fast for me!

Jackie said...

I am not a runner by any stretch of the imagination although I envy all the dedicated runners that are. The ones I see running in the rain, cold, snow etc. I just can't fathom how they can leave their toasty warm and dry houses to do that.

Anyway I have issues with headphones as well. The only ones I have found that are any good are SkullCandy. I bought mine at Futureshop and they are pretty cheap. I think round $20

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said... you all for all of the tips and encouragement!!! I will carry these thoughts with me when I try again! mwah.

John said...

Jaime - agreed on the water bottle being distracting (especially if you are carrying in your hand, or using a bottle belt). There's a new water bottle that straps to your bicep so its comfortable and not distracting. Called the Body Bottle. I've designed, prototyped and now sharing them so if you check it out, let me know what you you think. @