Thursday, October 01, 2009

News from the Sea

A little background: 

FH has signed on for a UN mission that will have him away for a whopping SIX MONTHS next year.  It took three tries for the stars to align, but it looks like he finally got it to work out.  The final hurdle he was facing was finding time to get to the mandatory prep course in Ontario.  Every time there’s been one scheduled, his ship has been at sea and he couldn’t go.

So his ship promised him they would do their best to get him on the one coming up in October…but you guessed it, they are at sea right now!  Course starts Oct-19th…he’s sailing until the 30th…but they have been trying to find him a replacement and it looks like today it finally happened for him.

Paraphrased from today’s email:

Great news, bad news, bad news and good news.

Great news - Confirmed today, flying out of Edinburgh once we get in.

Bad news - only going to be home for an evening or a day at most, because I have to fly out to Ontario the next day.

Bad news - if I would have been sailing, I would have been home on Oct I’m home Nov 13.

Good news - course is over on the 13th instead of the originally scheduled 16th, so I’m home for your birthday.

I’ll be happy when it’s all over and done with. 

This morning I enjoyed my coffee while finishing the last two chapters of my book (while I waited for Windows updates).


And a whole (I know WHOLE!) cinnamon raisin bagel with light cream cheese and raspberry jam.


I see blue skies out there so after a bit more work I’m heading out for another walk.  Got to enjoy that crisp OCTOBER air!

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Anonymous said...

I understand your pain and am living it right now....except a little bit worse unfortunately. My hubby is a newly promoted Chief PO in the Navy. The promotion itself was awesome but a catch came with it. In June he was posted to Ottawa for 2 years. Since it was a short posting we didn't want to sell our awesome house in Enfield so....long story short...I live here and he lives there. Boo :( We're not exactly sure if it will be 2 whole years but thats the worst case scenerio. He gets to come home occasionally but its not the same.
When I first met him he went NATO for 4 months so I am kind of used to him leaving but this is really much more difficult.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I feel your pain :) The Navy life can be hard.

I'm a big fan of your blog by the way :)


Anonymous said...

That's great news for him! But I am sad for you :(

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh that's good news for his career and such but sucky for you!! I bet when it comes right down to it though, six months will FLY by. Hopefully!!

That bagel looks DELISH!

Angie All The Way said...

J, that's a huge deal and I really don't know if I could do it! Gah! The old blog "when the cat's away.." I totally get now ;-(