Thursday, October 22, 2009

The One Where it Dawned on me…

So here’s the deal…

I don’t know who that anonymous commenter was a while ago…the one that told me they don’t like my Friend-ly post titles…but whoever you are I owe you an apology.

Today I left a comment on another blog…and the response I got was less than stellar.  I wrote my comment intending it to diplomatically ask a question about something she wrote, and her response was curt and patronizing (and she never actually answered my question).  I spent the rest of the day seething about this thinking that she shouldn’t be a blogger if she can’t handle constructive criticism or negative comments (even though mine wasn’t negative, but it certainly hit a nerve for her).

Then it dawned on me that I reacted in a similar fashion.  I’m so used to getting lovely, supportive comments from you all that when I got one comment that didn’t blow roses up my bum I got all defensive and snapped at the commenter for being anonymous.  And their comment wasn’t even all that negative! 

So anonymous…if you’ll let me, I take it back.  Thank you for keeping it real!  (although I’m keeping my titles for now!)


And now that we’re through there, here’s my tasty lunch


White Bean & Salsa Quesadilla


That’s fancy talk for mixing navy beans & salsa together, smushing that onto a small tortilla, topping it with cheese and baking it until melty.


With some carrots, apple, and hummus.


Simple yet deeeeeelish.

Didn’t even need an afternoon snack.  Instead I chugged two litres of water.  My Twitter water challenges are still pretty lonely so make sure you come join in.  #waterlogged

Another evil pumpkin tempted me as a pick me up as the work day ran late again…I bit his little head off.


For dinner I had planned a burrito from the freezer but since I had beans & cheese for lunch I decided I better eat salad.

Just a smallass salad tonight. :)  Baby spinach, orange segments, pomegranate.  Used the juicy orange drips as dressing. 

009 011

And then this is where you’ll all shake your heads at me

I had a chip craving.  And when a chip craving hits there is nothing else that get rid of it.  Chips it is!!


The one and only Old Dutch Rip-L chips. Made in Canada!  With only three ingredients!

012013 014

With homemade onion dip (and by homemade I mean I stirred onion soup mix into light sour cream).


Sometimes when there’s a craving you just have to take care of it.  And that’s OK!  nom nom nom  haha.

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Anonymous said...

Jaime - you rock. Not many people would do a post like this - it totally shows what kind of a person you are (a good one!).

Tamara said...

WTG Jaime. Very sincere. Well done.

Isn't Old Dutch a national treasure? Sometimes I just gotta have the Onion n Garlic. Ripple chips and onion soup mix dip are total comfort food for me.

I ate a weird quesadilla yesterday. ;) cumin seed gouda, chile flakes and yellow bell pepper. MmmmMmmmMmmm

Julie said...

Good for you!!

We all hate when we get told negative stuff, but in the end we always learn something from it :)

Now I am craving chips and dip :(

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim said...

You are totally right! I would much rather spend ten minutes eating a SS bag of chips than spend an entire week daydreaming about them!

JavaChick said...

Beans and salsa and cheese! Yum!

We used to have ripple chips with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Herb & Spice dip every now and then when I was a kid. It was always a big treat, and every now and then I've just gotta have it! Often happens when my sister comes to visit. :)

Shirls said...

those little evil pumpkins are running all over your house! good thing your on top of their attempted take over ;0)

Nicole said...

I found your blog by chance, and I like it, so, HELLO!

I have gotten used to negative comments in my life, and every once and a while the negative comments end up being a good thing.
The thing is not to let yourself go nutso trying to analize everything anyone says to you!

I love your pictures!! I am in between meals and my urge to lick the screen kicked in *laughs* (I promise I didn't do that!)
I would love to try more beans! I think that I will have to take some of your meals and give them a shot.

Thank You for being a blogger!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...



Angie All The Way said...

This post goes to show how big of a person you are. I love it. Very respectable!

Lainey said...

I like it when people say what they think, even if I don't like what they have to say. As long as they're not just doing it to be rude. It's better than everyone pretending to everyone else, and never knowing where people really stand. One of my friends is very blunt, and I love her for it. I admire those people, probably because I'm not like that myself.

That said, I also like it when people have the strength to change their mind about something and admit it when they're wrong (not that I necessarily think you were wrong--I haven't read either of the comments you were talking about). But I agree--just to put this post out there shows how big of a person you are!

As for your post titles--I say your blog, your choice!

Jen said...

You are one hell of a classy woman Jaime.
It's not always easy to admit when we were wrong (or as Lainey said - when we AREN'T wrong) but I think you handled that ELEGANTLY (see that word always pops up when I am talking about you!!!)

Way to show that PB pumpkin who is boss!!!!

Did you know that Glee isn't on next week???? I am so sad...Danny is out of town and I won't have a guilty pleasure to look forward to!!!!

Lex said...

Classy classy! :)

And your salad is almost identical to the one I made as well :)

Fatinah said...

I never blow roses up your bum.... the occasional carnation maybe - perhaps a sun flower - but never roses!

Sarah said...

Oh! Those chips are gluten free! My niece is celiac and we thought the only chips she could eat were Lays! Good to know.