Saturday, October 03, 2009

The One With All the Scarecrows

Mahone Bay, Nova ScotiaAnnual Scarecrow Festival


I heard about this festival last year after it was too late, so this year I made sure to find out the dates really early so as not to miss it again.  Mahone Bay is only about an hour+ past our place so it’s an easy day trip (Mom and I were just there a couple of weeks ago).

While waiting for my friend Sarah this morning, I snacked on a pear knowing we were stopping for yummy lattes on our way…and planned to eat lunch when we got to Mahone.


Tasty, tasty non-fat pumpkin spice latte from Java Factory in Tantallon…if this place was about 10 minutes closer to home it would be in serious competition with my Starbucks addiction.


Sarah and I took the scenic route and enjoyed how all of the fall colors have really taken over the trees and foliage.  So pretty.  I love Autumn!!  The sun was shining and it was so crisp and cool today. 

Once we got there and battled the small town, crazy tourist traffic we looked at a few scarecrows and then picked a lunch spot right away.  We opted for Gazebo Cafe because they have a cute patio right on the water and the menu looked good.

IMG_4937    Nothing like a water view for lunch!


It was insanely busy and understaffed here, but our server was super nice even though she was crazy flustered.  I had coffee to keep me warm on the cool patio and chose a simple BLT for my meal.  Lots of tomatoes just the way I like it. The fun twist was avocado mayo…very subtle but very yum!


Once fuelled up we just started walking with the throngs of people up the cute main street and tried to take photos of as many scarecrows as we could.  Some of them were sooooo incredibly creative!! 

IMG_4928 IMG_4947 IMG_4949 IMG_4951 IMG_4967

Of course we had to stop at the candy store where I oogled the fudge case for quite a while, until I realized there was a pumpkin pie flavor and then my decision was made!!  (Don’t worry, I only got a wedge!!)

IMG_4981 IMG_4983IMG_4982 

More scarecrows…

IMG_4978 IMG_4988 IMG_4989

Before leaving town I had to hit up Jo-Anne’s Farm Market for a few local goodies.  $12 for a pile of loot that I’ll dig into tomorrow.

IMG_5007 IMG_5006IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5011 IMG_5012 

We wanted something cool and refreshing for the ride home, so stepped into a little cafe and found that they had local Propeller Ginger Beer.  Spicy and tickled my nose!

IMG_5023 IMG_5025 IMG_5026 IMG_5028 

Today was Sarah’s first day out with me as a food photo blogger and she was a great sport.  Thanks Sarah for a fantabulous day!!

After Sarah dropped me off at home, it was way past dinner time and I was starving.  Thankfully that batch of chili from last night created a few servings so I stirred up a bowl with some corn and heated it up.

IMG_5037 IMG_5039

Served with light sour cream…and a corn muffin with a schmear of olive oil margarine.

And a sliver of the pumpkiny fudge. So effing creamy.  Deeeeeeeelish…totally the right flavor choice!!


Completely pooped from all the fresh air and comfort food, so I think the couch and I might have a date after a long, hot shower.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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Cat said...

Am I the only one who finds those scarecrows terrifying? seriously.....

still drooling over corn muffins. Looks like an awesome day! So much lovely fall themed things to look at!!

misssarahlou said...

What an awesome idea for a festival... love them! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love the scarecrows!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fanstatic fall day! Those scarecrows are awesome, I've never been the festival before - wonder if it will still be going on when we head down later this week.

And pumpkin fudge?? *drool* :)

hrclark said...

Looks like fun, you had the perfect day for it too!

Tamara said...

What a fun event. And it looks like you got a beautiful day for it too. I like the royal family. So great! Your and Angie's pictures make me wish I lived on the East Coast. I took a train to Halifax from Montreal. I'll never forget how beautiful it is out there.

Enjoy the fudge!

Kim said...

That sounds like a really magical day =-)

Kim said...

That sounds like a really magical day =-)