Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The One With All the Tea, Sleep and Eating

This morning I had to make the sad trek to the airport to return Miss Cat and her man Mike back to Vancouver.  Boooooooooooooo!!!  :(  Nothing like pouty faces at 6am.  Come back!!

It was barely 7am when I got home but thought I’d try to stay up and watch some TV before starting work for the day.  Made some green tea with jasmine to ward off the scratchy throat that started yesterday (curious to see how many of us get sick after our crazy weekend?!).


Promptly fell asleep about 20 minutes into Mercy (pretty good new show) and didn’t wake up until my phone rang to remind me that I had just missed an appointment. Shit.  Oh well.

Breakfast was yogurt and 1/2 sliced banana


Followed by 1/2 cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon raisin PB


And a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea (tis not quite the season but I love the vanilla mint combo flavor)…


The remainder of my day was work, work, work.  Lots to catch up after our busy week last week and then the long weekend that about half of us took.

Lunch was a little turkey/hummus/greens wrap


With some sliced pear and old cheddar cheese


And a Gingerbread Spice tea


Yup, lotsa tea.  It feels good.  :)

I let myself have one more day off from the gym because I’m totally exhausted.  No sense hurting myself for one day of cardio.  No big conference call tomorrow so I’ll be able to fit something in somewhere in my day.

Dinner was simply some thawed Chicken Corn Chowder


And a serving of Food Should Taste Good “The Works” chips (picked up during one of our stops at Pete’s Frootique with the girls this weekend).


With salsa and sour cream for dipping…


Honestly I’m not loving this flavor. The caraway is overpowering. :(

Bundled up with my soup and blanky on the couch to start poking away at this giant list of shows that have filled up the PVR while I was kept busy and away from the TV…

147 148

Sadly, The Amazing Race didn’t tape properly…I got 60 Minutes instead.  Hate it when the guide is mislabelled!!  Grrrrr.  But I did finally get to see that Cody got sent home on SYTYCD so that’s a highlight to my day…lol.

Now I’m exhausted but can’t sleep.  Let’s hope it comes soon.  Maybe some banana, Kashi, and almond milk will help. nom nom nom.


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Anonymous said...

Is the tea seasonal or can I get in now? It looks delicious!

farm girl. said...

mm. the candy cane tea looks like something i'd love!

get caught up on rest! what a change in pace, ehh?

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I love those Christmas teas! So delicious :D

Natalie said...

I love that gingerbread spice tea. So holiday inspired. Smells like Christmas. Yum!

Cat said...

i heart candycane tea....

Ugh....I can't beleive it's over....

Anonymous said...

Bah - I think the majority of us got sick!!! BLAH!!!!

I agree with Cat...how did it sneak up and pass already????