Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The One With Lots of Gushing

I have the BEST readers!!  You guys are so awesome! 

Over the last couple of days I’ve gotten some great comments from you all and even a cool shout out from Tamara that totally made my day!  Seriously people, if you are a blogger you know that it’s all about the readers, the comments, and the fantastic support system built here.  If you aren’t a blogger, you are totally missing out on the freaking great feeling you can get from a positive comment.  :)

OK, enough blathering…you’re really here for the food porn aren’t you?  *grins*

I am pretty pleased with tonight’s dinner!!  It was totally a “dig around the fridge and see what goes together” meal and it turned out fabulous (if I do say so myself!). 

Star of the show: Spaghetti Squash!



Poke a few holes in the rind using a sharp knife (air vents).


Cook whole in the microwave for 5 minutes.


Cut in half with a big knife and scoop out seeds.


Place face down in an oven-proof dish with about 1/2 inch of water in the bottom.


Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes (until you can poke a fork right through).

Let cool long enough to handle with your hands, then scrape the flesh out from “stem to stern” in spaghetti-like strands.


Easy peasy!


Using a few leftovers and a can of navy beans for fibre and protein I created a quickie-ragu


Sauteed onion and garlic, added 1/2 can of navy beans, the leftover Amy’s Tomato Bisque, Italian seasoning, sea salt, fresh pepper, and the leftover zucchini and carrots from last night.  Simmered until warm and dished over the squash.


Topped with parmesan sprinkle.  Served with steamed brussel sprouts.


Holy freaking deeeeeeelish.  So glad there are leftovers!

Oh, and confession time:

  1. I didn’t go to the gym.  Decided to wait until later so the gym would hopefully be less busy tonight and totally lamed out.  Lesson learned…don’t wait until too late.  Booo to me.
  2. I found these (hiding them in the pantry was apparently a good idea because I totally forgot about them until now!):


So now I guess I have to do a run AND yoga tomorrow!  Should be interesting trying to schedule that.  oooooooops.

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Tamara said...

You're welcome. ;)

Smoothie pic posted! Baby steps.

Kim said...

Thanks for the SS demo! It's one of those slightly intimidating foods, ya know?

Krista said...

What a coinky-dink...I had spaghetti squash for supper tonight as well. YUM!!!

Carolyn said...

Holy YUM!

I love Spaghetti Squash but haven't had it in forever. Love this mish mash recipe and glad it turned out so great!

Now I'm craving brussel sprouts....

Oh AND we read because we love! You're blog completely rocks my worls!

Syl said...

Spagetti squash is the only squash that doesn't scare me:-)

Dinner looked yummy! I'm a long time reader but I don't think I've ever commented, Love your blog and I too am a coffee lover, we would get along great :)

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I love spaghetti squash soooooo much! There are endless ways to prepare it :D

Jenny from da' rock said...

wow, spaghetti squash dinner looks so good! Thanks for posting cooking instructions- I have tried making it before but didnt quite turn out.

I stumbled upon your blog from another- love it and will visit again!

Thanks and take care,

Alison said...

Love your blog! I stumbled across it a few months ago, and have been reading it daily. I just discovered about a month ago that you actually grew up with my husband - small world!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial - I never knew how to cook squash!

Shirls said...

here is a miracle, you just made me actually want spaghetti squash, tried it in the past wasn't a big fan, but the ragu/bean thing, now that looks great on it.

MoraPiggy said...

I've got a spaghetti squash on my counter now. Got it at the pumpkin patch, never cooked/tasted one before, so I'm glad you broke it down for me.

Fatinah said...

mmmm, I have to get some spaghetti squash - they are just so good!!