Thursday, October 15, 2009

The One with the Organic Cookies

I’m down to 134 posts in my Reader!  So you know what I’ve been doing for a major part of the evening.  :)  I love you guys all so much I have a hard time just skimming through!!

In addition to gluing my eyes to my laptop I also had my grrreat chiropractor appointment, a trip to WalMart for much needed new gloves and practical Winter boots (third Halifax Winter approaching…figured it was time for snow shovelling apparel), had a lovely hot shower, and made a treat for tomorrow evening’s Halibloggers GTG (ya, we’re going through withdrawals already!).


Oh, and made dinner.  :)

Fish ‘n’ Chips my style

011 013

Sweet Potato Fries…simply tossed with a smidge of veggie oil and sprinkled with seasoning salt.

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Haddock…dredged in seasoned egg whites and flour/parmesan/cayenne…and pan-fried in a smidge of real butter.


Added the leftover maple brussel sprouts.


And homemade tartar sauce.


Afternoon snack was a chocolatey granola bar

Big tip from me to you: I’ve been keeping high fibre chocolate based granola bars on hand to help keep the chocolate “monster” at bay.  Today I managed to avoid the entire Halloween candy display knowing I already had a box of these in my basket.  :)


Tonight’s tea:  vanilla nut creme… nom nom nom


Served with another new treat I found at Pete’s the other day.  Late July Vanilla Bean with Green Tea Sandwich Cookies


Completely organic, no yucky stuff, made with whole grains, only 110 calories for 2 cookies.

Two big thumbs up.  Creamy and deeeelish.  Like an Oreo but so much better.  :)


I’ve yet to meet a Late July product I didn’t like love.

Tomorrow I need to work on embracing balance.  Today was healthy and controlled, but missing fruits and veggies in a major way.  I have those beautiful bits of pomegranate just sitting there waiting for me to show them some love!

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Anonymous said...

Great looking fish and chips!

I like the boots!

Cat said... heart hurts thinking about how I won't be with you guys tomorrow night....

Miz said...

you lost me at the 289 below.
I was thinking about getting a reader too---now Im not :)
too much pressure!!


Kristen said...

I heart Vanilla Nut Tea! It keeps my late-night chocolate cravings under control!

That tea brand has some great flavours-peppermint is awesome too!