Friday, October 09, 2009

The One With So Much Beer


It’s not often I drink much these days.  But when some fabulous gals and guys from out of town are around, you do what you have to do!  :)

Cat, Mike and I cabbed it downtown to meet everyone for 7pm…our cab arrived quickly and we ended up at Keith’s Brewery a full half hour early.


Oh darn, we had to sit in the pub and enjoy a bevvie while we waited.


And then the remainder of our group got a little held up and we had to wait for the 7:30 tour.  Oh darn, another bevvie while we waited.


Then the whole gaggle of us took a trip in a time machine back to the days of Alexander Keith and his magical brewery.  We had to turn off our “celery phones” and use our imaginations.  ;)


I’ve done the tour before with FH when we touristed around town before knowing we were moving here.  It is a very well done tour with great actors fully in character…lots of fun.  We “might” have all been a bit silly since we were not sharing the tour with anyone else.  There “may” have been some heckling.  ha!

015 021 022 025

Keith’s used to only offer their original India Pale Ale, but over the last few years they have introduced a few new brews…I had already tried the “light” while waiting in the pub so when they offered up tasting samples I tried the “white” and the “red”.

028 036

I’ll admit, I may have been slightly tipsy by then because although I know I enjoyed the tastes I can’t tell you anything about them!

038 041 045 046 049

Afterwards we had a bite to eat in the Red Stag Tavern attached to the brewery.  I opted for fish ‘n’ chips because I heart haddock and wanted something substantial in my tummy for drinking.  The fish was pretty good…but the fries were meh.  No seasoning…just blah…so I didn’t eat them.

063 067

After dinner we moved on to the Old Triangle, where TashaLex and I were able to get our beloved Strongbows!  Yaaaieeeee!  (Still wish someone in this silly city would have it on tap!)


We wanted to go dancing, but the bar we wanted to go to had an hour long wait outside…booooooo…so we opted for one more cocktail at the Shoe Shop and then headed for pizza cornerI did not eat pizza the size of my head.  Although I kinda want a slice NOW.

Lex and Dave were super awesome and offered to bring us home afterwards.  Thanks for saving us the cab guys!!

Cat, Mike and I chatted until around 3am (again!) before I finally dragged my drunken bum to bed.

I won’t be drinking tonight.  ;)

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That story made a little tear well up on my cheek...

I still love beer.

Bec said...

sounds like such a fun night!

MoraPiggy said...

What a fun night.

Rachel said...

My boyfriend would love that tour :) I'm glad you had such a great time and didn't eat your weight in pizza. :)