Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The One Without Weeds

I didn’t eat breakfast this morning.  Boooo on the healthy living frontier I know!  I wasn’t feeling it at first, and then I just plain forgot. 

Went for a cuppa half-caf first.


Finally a late cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon raisin PB and a schmear of seedless raspberry jam.  (You’ll be happy to hear I ran out of this PB so I’ll be offering up some variety now!!)


I didn’t even finish the bagel.  I guess I’m just feeling off today.  Still exhausted and sad about all my girls leaving.  :(  And my neck/shoulder are freaking killing me.  I missed a chiro appointment last week and my body is reminding me not to do that.  All my whining and work kept me clicking away at the keyboard all day and the next thing I knew it was dark outside and my tummy was actually grumbling.

Due to no meal plan this week I just rifled around the fridge and freezer to put together dinner.  Very random but still very yum!

Homemade scallops & bacon


Roasted brussel sprouts with EVOO, real maple syrup, fresh cracked sea salt, and pepper.

022 024

While dinner cooked I pulled apart this big ol’ pomegranate.  I like to have them torn apart and ready to use.

015 018

During dinner I kept plugging away on the PVR shows only to find that I had another mislabelled show!  Instead of Weeds I had part of a movie.  Booooo. 

To make my neck feel better I had a hot hot hot shower and have just brewed a cup of decaf tea (just pekoe tonight) and finally opened up the pumpkin spice fudge I bought the other day at Pete’s with the girls. 


Almost as good as the stuff I got in Mahone Bay last week, but not quite.  Still deeeelish though.  I soooo need to go digging for a pumpkin fudge recipe

Haha, I’ll add that to my list of 1957843930587 other treats I want to make!

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Anonymous said...

I think I may have to take a trip to Pete's to get some of that fudge!

Jen said...

mmmm - you just reminded me to have the pumpkin pie fudge I bought!!!

I am glad I am not the only one feeling out of sorts since the end of the GTG...I dreamt about you guys last night (which was weird because I woke up and thought I was wearing my nightgown in front of you guys....who did I tell that story to???)

Anyway...miss you a lot...

love and smooshes!

Lainey said...

I'm going to have to try roasting brussels sprouts with maple syrup now!

Boo to the fudge! I am weak and cannot handle fudge pictures, having just come off of a weekend-long fudge binge. *sigh* I need a warning or something, lol.

Kim said...

I hope you make it to the chiro soon! Sorry about the neck. And sorry Lainey, I LOVE the fudge pictures. It's nice to dream =-)

Lainey said...

But it's so easy to go to the store and buy some pretty good fudge! Oh, the temptation! Yeah, yeah, I know--I'm responsible for what I put in my mouth and all that. Phooey! LOL