Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins and Zucchinis

And then BLAM-O it’s Monday.

I just uploaded 136 pictures from my camera.  Apparently I had a busy weekend and I didn’t even know it.  Kind of fun when that happens!

This morning signalled the beginning of Halloween week…so I thought it would be the best time to break out my dollar store pumpkin mug.  Cute!


Filled with egg-noggy half-caf.  OK, not Halloweeny, but festive nonetheless.

With zucchini bread and half a Honeycrisp apple

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Oh, that reminds me…the recipe for the zucchini bread!  :)

Little do you all know I already posted the link to the recipe a couple of weeks ago as part of Around the Internet 3.  The recipe actually came from the Food & Wine website

Yogurt-Zucchini Bread with Walnuts


I decided to make this because I liked the addition of yogurt to the recipe.  Unfortunately it calls for fat-free Greek yogurt which we are all painfully aware is impossible to buy in Canada (Nova Scotia anyway)…so I chose to use Astro Original Balkan Style Natural Yogurt.  It’s not fat-free, but the calories are decent and it’s a fairly thick, plus tasty plain yogurt.


I really like this bread, but I know it could be made healthier.  Next time I’d like to experiment with whole wheat flour, less sugar, more zucchini, more yogurt, maybe some apple sauce in lieu of oil, and the big thing…less walnuts.  I think 1/2 cup of walnuts would be more than enough.  The full cup makes the walnuts almost take over the taste and if no one told me, I might not know this was actually zucchini loaf.


Having said that, it’s really yummy!  I just have to eat it in moderation since it’s not the healthiest thing I’ve ever baked.  :)

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Maria said...

You drinking egg nog makes me feel like less of a nerd for listening to Christmas music before Hallowe'en. :P

Tamara said...

In our family, we have a favourite Beet Salad recipe that is made with roasted beets, red onion and diced cucumber. Wanna take a guess at the dressing? You got it: yogurt and dill. Cool, no? :)

Ya, the SYTYCDC finale last night wasn't exactly a nail biter was it? I had to BAER a few times at the effusive Tara Jean love that was going around. Umm, you like her, you want her to win, we get it.

And I have to say that Canaan was a LOT nicer to Mika at the end than I would have been!

H-woman said...

That Astro yogurt is the BEST! It's the only plain yogurt that makes it into my fridge now.

I would love to make that loaf, but since I live alone, I'm pretty sure that I would eat it all. And probably in less than 24 hours! Which is why baking is dangerous!

H =)

JavaChick said...

My cats love that Astro Balkan Style lots-of-fat yogurt.


Nicole said...

I love HoneyCrisp apples. I wish we could buy them year round!!! They are the tastiest apples I've had!!
I used to work at Avery's Farm Market and that's where I first found them!

Kim said...

It looks amazing!