Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

Before heading to the grocery store I made sure to quickly menu plan our weeknight dinners and take note of items we already have on hand to round out the meals.


Even though I had to do a little swap-a-roo with last night’s meal, it still works out and I saved at least $20 by not buying random items just because they are on sale, or because there’s a recipe I just “have” to make, or overbuying on produce, etc.

The only hitch in the plan is that we might now be having a dinner guest on Thursday, but I’d planned on a take-out salad for myself after running anyway and FH will likely take care planning for the guest.


This week’s Project Energize goals…

  • fitness: 4 workouts, including 3 runs (one outdoors with Halibloggers) and 2 strength sessions
  • diet: continue menu planning, eat fruit instead of packaged snacks, drink more water
  • work: create daily/weekly/monthly to-do lists
  • home: tidy storage room (prep for Xmas decorating), clean out dresser and closet
  • relationship: video games!
  • finances: monthly budget, online banking, monitor budget daily, continue with grocery budget modification project
  • health: get X-ray, take vitamins, stretch, get massage

What are your goals this week?


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Nicole said...

Do you do your strength sessions at a gym? or at home? I know I have my cardio under control but I need to work on my strength and need a few helpful hints.

hrclark said...

videa games?? does that invovle you playing or letting your hunny play them??