Monday, November 23, 2009

Crash ‘n’ Burn

We all have our moments.

Today is mine.

My moment to fall right off the healthy balance wagon.


FH had to leave for yet another sail this morning.  Only 4 days this time, but still.  Bummer, right? 

I slept like shit last night.  Even tried relegating myself to the spare room but still tossed and turned.  I hate those nights.  So when I got up at 6am this morning to drive FH, my body was not impressed.

I packed my gym bag, filled my water bottle, pulled my hair up…completely intending to workout on my way home…but seriously people, it would have been dangerous.  Falling asleep on the treadmill is not advised!  So I came straight home to hug a pillow on the couch for an extra couple of hours.  Strangely enough I slept better for that two hours than I did all night.

Here’s a fun little thing for you all…  homemade egg nog misto!!


Even though I’m still using up my Starbucks gift cards and not paying out of my own pocket I think four trips in three days is enough…so now that it’s Monday I am back to brewing at home.  Jen’s cute (but sad!) video the other day reminded me that I too can steam my own bevvies at home.


My machine makes crap espresso (waaaaay too much water) but my 5 years of barista experience back in the day have left me able to make Starbucks quality foam with the steamer wand.  :)

IMG_6724 IMG_6725

80 measly calories for three mugs of foamy light egg-noggy half-caf goodness!

The bad part is that I sipped on those coffees all morning and into the afternoon and didn’t eat ANYTHING.  I’m so backed up with work after losing the internet on Friday, it’s ridiculous. So by the time I realized I was hungry and got food, I made bad choices.

  • chocolate
  • chips
  • Wendy’s chicken strips
  • cheese

Random, weird and completely void of nutrition.  Sometimes you just have to let it happen.  It’s out of my system and I have already planned for tomorrow.  Project Energize shall return!



In festive news, yesterday FH had to work so I ran some errands and switched out the Fall centerpiece for the Christmas one…

IMG_6716 IMG_6717

Tis the season to start thinking about digging the boxes of lights and decorations out of the scary room in the basement!

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Dairy Free Betty said...

I sleep terribly with the significant other is MIA. I did the same thing last night, tossed and turned, woke up feeling exhausted!!!!!!!

I saw someone fall off the treadmill before. As funny as it was, I felt the person's pain.. haha... good call!! :)

Bee said...

I just have to mention that you and your center piece goodies are the CUTEST things of life!

Espressomama said...

Luv the Grinch!

Oh, and we all have days like this.

Lynn said...

It was just one day and obviously you needed to rest. You've got the right attitude about it all!

I heart the little Grinch too. :)

Excited for Zumba tonight!!

Vanessa said...

These days happen! You'll be back to your rockin' old self in not time. :D

Your centerpieces make me happy.

Nicole said...

I totally slept like that on Sunday night. I couldn't get to sleep no matter what I tried. When I looked at the clock at a quarter to three in the morning I gave up and watched half a movie and slept an hour before getting up again...slept better last night though *thank god*

Jen said...

YUM!! I still need to make an eggnog latte!!!

I am so scared to go into my basement (I don't like unfinished basements...they scare me!) - and that is REALLY bad because the cat's litter box is down there and that's my job...maybe I just need to get down there and kill two birds with one stone!

Tammi (Hayne's Her Weigh) said...

80 calories for 3 cups? Eggnog, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Love the Grinch ornament :-) Insomnia sucks, plain and simple. I've yet to meet a man who battles insomnia on the regular basis that women do. They hit the pillow and bam...asleep. Not fair!