Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mid-Week Comfort

What better way to start hump-day than with a massage and a creamy good latte?

I don’t think there is one!

After yet another week of pinching pain I sucked it up and budgeted in another massage therapy session.  Honestly, I have no idea if the massage helps…but after about 8 sessions last year at least the stabbing pain went away and I was able to carry on with my day-to-day life and workouts.  So it can’t hurt, right?!

(I do have an appt with my regular doctor this week to get a new xray prescription so we can try to figure out a more permanent solution.)

Since I was going to be out of the house this morning already I planned for a latte in my life.  It’s been a while since I had a latte (as opposed to a misto) and since the Starbucks seasonal red cups are out, it seemed like a good excuse to stop in.

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The social media lured me in again, just like it did with the Pumpkin Spice lattes.  Starbucks has really harnessed the power of the internet for their viral marketing!  Twitter has been all abuzz with talk of the much beloved #redcups.


I’m not quite ready for Christmas flavors yet though, so I stuck with a non-fat, half-sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Must enjoy them while they last!  I try not to do anything Christmas-y before my birthday…which is fast approaching!

The to-do list is relatively short today because I lost some time this morning because of my appointment and you all know how Wednesdays are my crazy-long conference call days.  Let’s hope for two hours or less!!


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Anonymous said...

The red cups make me happy. Have fun at the conference call :(

Tamara said...

Haha! That logo is a little lame. ;) Good thing cuz I was starting to believe you were really really good at everything. Google "create icons". You might have more luck pulling together a logo that way?

I like the pesto and ricotta idea. I wonder if it would work in between a couple of fillets of fish?

You need to move that food processor up to the top of your list.

celmore said...

Sent you an e-mail...did you get it?

Bec said...

umm best way to start a day ever!!! also i am so happy for christmas cups. Hope you are having a great day!

Cat said...

I hope the massage gives you some relief! I'm glad you're going to the Dr. to find out what's going on though? Could it be work-related, like an ergonomics issue??

Hope you have a wonderful day sweetness!

Kim said...

Honestly, any excuse you can find for a massage, TAKE IT! I hope it helps =-(

Anonymous said...

I had a gingerbread latte today! So yummy :) I LOVE the red cups, I was so excited! LOL

Tiffany said...

The shrimp pesto linguine looks ABSOLUTELY amazing. Love your food ideas. YUM!!