Monday, November 02, 2009

Mindful Month Ahead!

Another new month, another fresh start!  With Christmas and year end fast approaching, I’ve started noticing a lot of goal setting, project planning, and organizing going on around the blogosphere.  I am soooo harnessing some of that positive energy and putting it to use for myself!

In this post I hinted at something I referred to as Project Energize.  At the time I had just made that up, but after thinking about it I’m going to stick with it.  Energize covers a wide array of things…it can mean whatever you want it to mean.  I’m going to use it to cover general well-being and overall personal health

  • fitness: set and meet realistic workout goals
  • diet: mindful meal planning and eating
  • work: regain focus and commitment
  • home: create comfort
  • relationship: live, love, learn
  • finances: stress-free budgeting
  • health: treat body with the respect it deserves

Obviously these little notes might seem slightly vague out of context, but like I said this can mean whatever YOU want it to mean.  These are the goals that will hopefully work for ME.  Throughout the next couple of weeks I will work on more detailed descriptions to help keep me on the right path.

What are your November goals?  Are you looking to focus on something specific?  Or tackling your overall lifestyle?


Yesterday got the month off to a great start, so I decided to make sure to keep on going by writing my to-do list and meal plan last night.  Planning is key to my success.


Fresh half-caf brewed and waiting for me upon wake-up (which was ON TIME this morning!)…


Wheat toast with natural PB & sliced banana


(FYI:  that trick about keeping your natural PB upsidedown in the fridge totally works!)

A healthy shot of antioxidant superpowerPOM original…with club soda…

096115 116

Post-run hit of natural goodness…Amazing Grass Green Superfood mixed with vanilla Almond Breeze… yummy!!



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Vanessa said...

Upside-down is the only way to go with natural PB! Works like a charm :D

Susan said...

Love the idea of Project Energize!! Oddly, my eating and exercise seems to be the only thing that's on track right now! I quit my job, and my last day is Dec 6, so November will be a big month for me in terms of professional discovery and making plans for the future. Definitely need to energize my career path ;)

Thankyou for showing me what to do with superfood. I was scared it would be disgusting with just almond milk, but I'll try it now that I know someone else drinks it that way :)

Angie All The Way said...

I've never ventured not blending up the AG with all sorts of other stuff, but I'll try it straight up with AB if you say it's good!

Project Energize in Effect!

Jen said...

I am LOVING all this planning and what not this month...this is DEFINITELY something I need to work on for this month - and hopefully extend it into the new year!!

Kyla Roma said...

Just found your blog through Last Night's Leftovers! I love your goals- I'm doing these for the first time on Friday but you look like you have this down to a science!

I just finished my first cleanse, maybe this is a good follow up.. hm... =)

Bec said...

I am definitely in the same mind frame right now November is going to be all about me and getting back on track eating right and exercising daily!

Anonymous said...

My goals - get back ON TRACK!
Plan plan plan!
Start getting ready for Christmas ... eek!

Yum Yucky said...

I've yet to try POM. I better get on the bandwagon!

JavaChick said...

I have that same happy bunny notepad - my sister gave it to me. :)