Sunday, November 08, 2009

The One With the Giant Santa

This should have been last night’s post, but after a busy evening I came home and curled up on the couch and took a break from the computer.  I was in a bit of a food coma and the time-off was glorious.

Sarah and I hit up the big craft fair at The Forum. 


It is tauted as Halifax’s BEST Xmas fair so I think I was expecting more.  Although I’m no craft fair expert so maybe this was super fantabulous and I just didn’t get it.  LOL.  Lots of cool stuff, lots of weird stuff, and lots of stuff that was very nice but not my style (I’m not really a craft or folk art person…which makes it odd that I wanted to go there!).  I left with a few little gifties and a new Grinch ornament for our tree.  Too funny.


Afterwards, as predicted, Sarah and I opted for an ethnic dinner.  It’s been months since we went to Mezza so we decided to go there again.  Modern Lebanese cuisine.  My third time there and it was delicious as always. [First visit.]  [Second visit.]

IMG_6276 IMG_6278

The ambience is very dim and candlelit…definitely not good for photo taking (and certainly not the kind of place where a flash would go unnoticed) so I apologize for the picture quality.  You can’t even tell what most of the food looked like!

House Shiraz to start…


Incredible cheeseShankleesh - A blend of cheeses with hot paprika, tomato, onions oregano and olive oil…


Calamari… with tzatziki thick like cream cheese…


Mezzet Sampler - Samples of Hommus, Baba Ghanouj, Warek Enab, Kebbe, Vegetable Kebbe, Phylo Cheese Rolls, TaboulĂ© and Fatouch Salata…


Their hommus is  Love it.  And the phylo cheese rolls are soooo decadent and delicious.

We left a lot of food on the platter.  We knew we were ordering too much, but we just wanted to try EVERYTHING!  Sarah took the leftovers home for her hubby…lucky boy!

Finished with a decaf tea since we weren’t done with our girl talk yet.


I was very full, but not uncomfortably so…although like I said I did fall into a food coma once I came home and put my pj’s on.  Glad I had that incredible workout in the morning so I don’t feel even a smidge of worry about the indulgent dinner.  Deeeeelish!

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Anonymous said...

I need to try Mezza sometime!

hrclark said...

sounds delish, will have to check it out sometime soon

hrclark said...

sounds delish, will have to check it out sometime soon

Lynn said...

I love that Grinch ornament! That's one of my fav Xmas cartoons ever. :)

I've haven't been to Mezza yet but looks like I need to. Yum!

H-woman said...

I'm going to have to find me a Grinch ornament like that! =)

H =)

Shirls said...

ha, ha!! I think that Santa clearly leads the way to a christmas craft fair!! love the scrooge too..

Angie All The Way said...

Mezza is definitely a restaurant that is on my "must try" list! Too bad about the pics, but it all "sounded" awesome!