Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The One With Little Oscar

I don’t have a food processor.  Yes, I know…it’s a tragedy!  I had one on my Xmas wish list last year…and I’ll have one on there again this year!  ;)

What I do have is this little Sunbeam Oscar. 


Essentially he’s a food processor, but he runs only at one speed (crazy fast) and he’s quite small.  He actually belonged to my Mom…I remember this little guy from when I was a kid.  I’ve had him in my possession for years, but only pull him out of the cupboard once in a while.  Really he’s only good for things like chopping nuts or making hummus…but I thought I’d try him out making pesto tonight.


Spinach & Pecan Pesto to be precise.  :)

Into the Oscar:  two huge handfuls of baby spinach (had to whirl the first handful down just to fit the second handful in), 1/2 garlic clove, s&p, big squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of chopped, toasted pecans


Drizzled in a tablespoon of EVOO while processing (this is a serious challenge with this little guy).  Oscar does an OK job of this but didn’t puree quite as much as I would have liked.  Good enough though!


I split open and boneless, skinless chicken breast and spread a thick layer of the pesto and a thick layer of ricotta inside.  Sprinkled with s&p and closed it up.  Pressed a light sprinkle of parmesan on the outside and baked on a sprayed cookie sheet at 400 degrees for 20 mins.


Let rest while the broccoli steamed…and served!


I had squash on the menu for tonight too, but since I didn’t go to the gym (ya ya, I know…you guys know I should never leave this stuff until night time!) I decided to forgo the extra carby goodness.

I did complete my chores though…the sheets are washed, the bed is changed and the kitty has himself a fancy new mani/pedi.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Yummy looking pesto!

Cat said...

that looks yummy! You're getting so creative with your meals Jaime!!

I'm definitly trying this....

Shirls said...

I have a little mini chopper thing similar, I got it a superstore years ago for $10, but the only thing I do with it is make meat mush..you know what meat mush is right? its the meat they put in your tacos at any taco place... I make it at home by frying up the ground beef and then once cooked run it through mini chopper then back into the pan and then I add a package of taco spice, seriously just like taco places, yum! but its the only thing I use it for and I can't say I've ever thought I was missing out by not having a food processor.

What other creations do you imagine making if you had one?

Laura said...

That chicken looks awesome! I love veggies but broccoli is just yucky little trees to me.

Nicole said...

That dish looked delicious!!

Angie All The Way said...

Hey at least you know the Oscar has a long life which is more than you can say for a lot of mini appliances nowadays! Looks delicious as usual!

Kim said...

Your dinners are always so impressive! When I make chicken it does NOT look like that!