Friday, November 27, 2009

Project American Exchange Success!

Seems a whole lot of you have very dirty minds.

Talkin’ ‘bout what’s in my box.  tsk tsk.




So, a while back I threw out a proposal of a cross-border product exchange.  I spend so much time reading about fun and fabulous items that can be purchased in the US but not in Canada that I was having a major bout of envy!  So I decided to ask if anyone wanted to help a girl out, and Elizabeth from Boston stepped up and took the challenge.

I was so excited that someone wanted to participate!

After a few emails we agreed upon a price point, offered a few suggestions and made a few requests of specific wants and off we went.  It was super fun shopping around trying to find things that we have in Canada that she wouldn’t be able to get in Boston.  Kind of a challenge really!  Mostly I found junk food…LOL.  But in the end I think the swag-bag I sent off was had some pretty good stuff in it.  (Ketchup chips anyone?)


(I don’t want to show what’s in there yet because I’m not sure if she has opened it...)

In my box (stop giggling!) I was super excited to find a selection of Trader Joe’s items!!  I mean, I knew she was shopping at TJ’s but I had no idea what to expect.  I had only one major request…Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.  I have seen those on many a blog and knew I needed to have them.


They did not disappoint!


She also sent from TJ’s:  Pumpkin Waffle Mix, Plantain Chips, Habanero Lime Salsa, and the bestest surprise of the bunch…Dark Chocolate Edamame!!

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And she didn’t stop there.  Also in the loot was a couple of mini Larabars, a Raw Rev bar, a Cascadia granola bar, a couple of books, and a super cute Green Journal.  How thoughtful is she?

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Don’t you just love all of her cute, personal little notes?  I love that she makes those little bottles herself…and uses them in her blog posts.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, do it!  Even it’s only to see her cutie-patootie French Bulldog, Clark, and his amazing bat ears.  :)  I want one!

Needless to say, Project American Exchange turned out better than I could have imagined.  If anyone else is interested in tackling this fun exchange I would gladly do it again!  It was fun doing the shopping, and even more fun opening my package to see what was inside!  A food blogger’s dream, really!  :)

Thanks again to Elizabeth for having the courage to contact a complete stranger and taking on my crazy request.  I hope you had as much fun opening your surprise package as I did with mine!

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Shirls said...

the personal notes are the topper, what a sweet girl Elizabeth is to take the time to gather, personal and send, wow.

I love this idea, super fun and a fun cultural exchange of sorts.

Dairy Free Betty said...

that's amazing!! What great loot!! :) hehe..

I love the idea too. I'd be totally down with it!!!

I was thinking about it though, it is hard because they only thing I can think of here are ketchup chips and cheesies!! :)

Have a great day!

Lainey said...

How fun! I hope you are going to post about what you sent her, when you know she's opened it.

I've heard they don't get Smarties or Coffee Crisp down there, either, and for some reason I'm thinking KitKats, although there's so many advertisements for KitKats that that doesn't really make sense. Ooooh, and do they get Old Dutch? Zesty Taco chips are the best! *ahem* I mean, um, veggies are the best. Yeah. LOL

I got plantain chips up here. They were in a little vegetable store that sells everything really cheap (of course, you run the risk that it's the cheese I bought there once). I got plain and also spicy, and the "spicy" one was better by far. But it wasn't very spicy (as in hot).

Angie All The Way said...

I'm happy your exchange was a success :-) Lots of great loot!

Tamara said...

Chocolate covered Edamame? Really? I might start crying I'm so jealous. Yay Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you liked your loot! I absolutely loved shopping and sending those goodies along... almost as much as I loved opening the treats you sent! I'll be posting a.s.a.p., have a bit of a food hangover from Thanksgiving. Thanks, girl! xxoo

Allison said...

That is the cutest exchange package!

The TJ's pretzels are awesome. I'm almost glad we don't have TJ's or I'd eat them all the time.

No wait, I'm not at all glad we don't have TJ's ;-)