Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Well, I was hoping that having FH home and heading to work on his regular morning schedule would help me to start getting up early…but today was a FAIL for sure.  He’s driving himself due to some weird course hours, and since he leaves at 6:15 I wasn’t up yet…which of course led to me relying on my own self to get up as per usual…which led to the 9:05 realization that I had yet again slept through my alarm.  Dammit. 


So I got up, got dressed, got to work.  Quickly realized that the latte craving I had this weekend had not passed and decided to take one of my Starbucks gift cards for a spin.  :)

Tall non-fat vanilla latte


With some pb stuffed banana… who needs toast?


Being Monday I always have a slew of things in my Inbox (a daily task I do that of course triples over the weekend) so I plodded through that pretty much all day, stopping finally for lunch at like 2pm.  I was hungry!


Bigass spinach salad with carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato and old white cheddar…


Tossed with balsamic and grapeseed oil


With leftover couscous on the side…


And some sourdough bread & buttah for good measure…


Hearty.  Made up for the pitiful breakfast this morning.

Around 4pm I found myself fading quickly so sent out a Tweet for a #waterlogged challenge.  Hydrated myself up with a litre of water and felt much better.

This chocolately afternoon treat helped too.  I found these choco-minty biscuits at Superstore with the Xmas doodads this weekend.  Holy tasty!!  nom nom nom.

074075 077

Dinner tonight is a bit of a “fend for yourself” situation.  In fact, FH already ate when he got home from work (I relegated the Chinese take-out leftovers to him) and I’m going to nosh on chili from the freezer and whatever sad little veggies I can find hiding in our kitchen.

Definitely time for a grocery shop.  Things have dwindled during the last few weeks while I tightened my wallet and after two months of FH being away I have to get used to shopping for two again!!

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Jen said...

What a sweet future wifey you are to hand over the chinese leftovers!!

EEk, leaving the house at 6:15??? NO WONDER you didn't get up!!!!

Jenny said...

I really like your new pic, all dolled up!

JavaChick said...

Mmm...I will be looking for those chocolate mint biscuits!

Nicole said...

I am considering the picture taking...though I doubt I could take as great a pic as you!