Thursday, November 26, 2009


All’s quiet on the homefront today.  Being Thanksgiving in the US, most of my coworkers and pretty much all of our clients were MIA today.  I had some work to get through, but no major crisis or new work.  Nice.

Started my day with a perfect cuppa half-caf


Just a splash of light egg nog today…no misto.  Gotta lighten up a bit!

Simple fruit and yogurt for breakfast.  Organic vanilla yogurt, blackberries, sliced banana and a few pumpkin seeds…

IMG_6817 IMG_6818

My pinched back appreciated the quiet work day.  I alternated between sitting in my office chair and sitting on the sofa perched upon a pillow with my ice pack strategically wedged into my waistband.  It worked.  Still tender, but healing quickly.

For lunch I went with an egg and toast.


I’ve been thinking about that perfect over-easy egg I had the other night and was aiming for another one. 


This one is a little overcooked because I broke the yolk.  Whooops.  Still yummers though.  :)

FH came home from his little jaunt out to sea today.  Poor guy had what they refer to as WUPs.  Basically that means workups, this time air based…where they are presented with every possible emergency scenario and bust their asses for four days straight.  He’s glad to be home.

This was his last sail until the New Year!! <insert happy Charlie Brown dance here>

He wasn’t hungry for dinner, but I was…so I opted just to make a bigass salad.


Baby spinach, grape tomatoes, and cucumber…


Dressed with EVOO and topped with garlic & parmesan mushrooms


(Simply sauteed mushrooms with a bit of garlic, butter, s&p, and chicken stock and sprinkled with parmesan at the last minute.)

With hummus and crackers


Fresh Medjool dates filled with The Bee’s Knees for dessert…


And now I think it’s tea time.  Hopefully an early night’s sleep as I have to get up bright and ridiculously early to drop FH off at work in the morning.

Night y’all.

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Lainey said...

Is that salsa I see, instead of ketchup? Woo-hoo! Yum, yes?