Monday, November 30, 2009

The Things I Know

  • I need to drink more water, but sometimes it’s a struggle.
  • I should work out on Mondays, but should not wait until after work.
  • I’m good at writing to-do lists, but not so good at actually completing the tasks.

So the goal tomorrow is to drink 3 litres of water even if it kills me, go to the gym in the morning, and bang off at least half of my to-do list.  I’ll report back, but I’m determined now.  Maybe the start of a new month is just the kick in the pants I need.  Project Energize can wrap itself in a festive scarf and wear a Santa hat.  :)

This morning began with the usual half-caf…


No more egg nog in the fridge, so back to skim & demerara for now.

Breakfast was an old favorite with a new treat


Toasted whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter & bananas…


And a fun fruit new to me…Persimmon!  I used to see these all of the time when I was a grocery store cashier, but if I’ve ever tried one I don’t remember.  These have been around the supermarkets here for about a month but every time I picked one up they were mushy and gross…but last week I found some nice hard ones at Pete’s Frootique.

IMG_7002 IMG_7003IMG_7001

Meaty like a peach on the inside, but not as juicy.  More like a banana in texture.  While the skin is edible I didn’t care for it, so I just ate the fruity flesh inside.  Sweet and delicious.  Nice for a change of pace!

At lunchtime I got to enjoy a leftover Chicken Enchilada.  Even better the second day.  Deeeeelish.


Afternoon pick-me-up of a few TJ’s peanut butter pretzels and PC Organics chocolate animal crackers


Don’t these poor cookies look sad?


I had plans to try to get to the gym after work so I had a little pre-gym snack to tide me over…


Astro Original Organic vanilla yogurt.  This was a great find.  Thick and flavorful like our beloved Liberte but not quite so pricey. 

With sliced banana and a crumbled Roasted Almond granola bar.


Of course, by the time I finished work and completed a couple of personal tasks I had absolutely no desire to go to the gym.  It’s dark out, our Christmas tree is lit, FH is comfy on the couch, and I’m happy here in my slippers.  The world will not end if I miss a workout…right?  :)

FH had already eaten because I had said I wasn’t going to be here, so I just made a quick salad topped with some leftovers from the fridge.


Spinach, grape tomatoes, red onion & mushrooms drizzled with EVOO and s&p…


Topped with the Zucchini & Black Bean Pasta from Friday night…


We are now cozied in with some tea, some dry roasted peanuts, and Video on Demand.  Sounds good to me!

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Lori said...

I *love* that coffee mug!!

Dairy Free Betty said...

your right, nothing will be lost by you not going to the gym!! Tomorrow is a newwwwww day!!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

What flavors have you had a misto made with at Starbucks? I tried sugar-free vanilla-was very good, but I'm also looking for others. The barista suggested chocolate and mint, but won't that be full of sugar? Is there an egg nog misto? Gingerbread? What do you think?

Julie said...

I keep seeing those persimmons at the grocery store.Always wondered if they tasted like
Good to know!

Nicole said...

I have to say that you are a great person to be influenced by *S* I succombed to all of your subliminal Starbucks plugs and took a friend for coffee treats this morning. Now, I think I will have to try the persimmon, because I have almost bought one three times last month, but sometimes I'm not as a brave as I let on to try new things *S*

The gym will should just try dancing around in your house to Christmas music or something...that will at least get you moving!

Dieselmota said...

There are many varieties of persimmon. One kind is supposed to be mushy, but is anything but gross! So sweet, nectar of the gods. Another variety is more firm. Try the mushy one next time!