Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wish Me Luck

OK, so here’s the deal.  My weekly conference call HAS to be done by 4pm.  That’s my rule today.  Of course, I’m communicating this to my bosses and coworkers using mental telepathy so I’m not too sure it will work.  Cross your fingers for me OK?

Why?  Because 4pm-5pm is my workout window.  My only workout window for today.  I NEED to run.  NEED.

Why?  Because I’m going to dinner and a movie tonight!  Finally seeing New Moon!  and dinner at Brooklyn Warehouse!  Totally looking forward to it…girlie drinks, good food, and teen dreams…too fun.

Hopefully that takes my mind off THIS…

016 017 

I just noticed this HUGE MISSING PIECE of my front grill today.


This is my unimpressed face.  My car is 8 years old and aside from a couple of very small dings and scratches, it’s perfect.  THIS is not cool at all.  What would cause this?  I’m thinking more of a WHO…not a WHAT.  Bugger.

Before heading to get the mail and noticing that, I made coffee…well egg nog misto…but you know… :)


And hey…would you look at this!  It’s breakfast!! 


Toast with organic peanut butter and seedless raspberry jam


Organic vanilla yogurt with shredded clems and blackberries…


Yummy in my tummy!

Shirls asked: Why clementines and not mandarins?

Good question.  I’ve noticed that here on the East Coast it’s always clementines.  Haven’t ever seen anything labelled Japanese or Chinese mandarins.  Same fruit, different basket.  :)

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Vanessa said...

Good luck with the conference call! Hopefully you get a chance to sneak a run in.

I saw New Moon yesterday and loved it. I'm such a teenage girl. :P

Lori said...

Good luck with the conference call! I am having my first nog latte of the season tomorrow and I can't wait!

Sorry about your car. Could have been a rock that bounced up into the grill.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Weird about your car too - can't imagine what happened unless someone smashed it with a bat ... but why would that happen?

Dairy Free Betty said...

Have fun at New Moon!! I want to see it too!!

Poor car :( Sending you happy VW vibes!! :)

Jen said...

You're so cute "same fruit different basket"!!

I hope you LOVE New Moon!!! I DID!!! (I am SO team Jacob!)

That really sucks about your seems like a really odd spot too, hey??? I hope it wasn't vandalism!

Julie said...

Sounds like a great night you have planned.

Sorry to see and hear about hte car. :(

Nicole said...

I just got back from New was awesome *S*
have fun tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

Boo to whoever did that to your car?? :( Not cool at all, especially at this time of the year.

Hope you have a great time tonight, can't wait to hear all about it and your grocery goodies!

Anonymous said...

OMG how could that have happened to your car??

Jenny said...

Wow, who would do that to your car!! So rude!

Hope you got your conference call over with and that run in!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I haven't found mandarins here either! I totally prefer them instead of clementines (but I'll still mow down on clementines of course!)

what a crappy thing to happen to your car!!

JavaChick said...

I've seen Mandarins at the Superstore in the past, though I don't recall seeing any so far this year. But they are pretty similar.

Tammi (Hayne's Her Weigh) said...

Yay for breakfast - you know, beyond eggnog misto ;-) Boo on car damage...grrr! Looking forward to hearing about your dinner at the Brooklyn Warehouse and your movie.