Friday, December 11, 2009

Around the Internet 6

Holiday Edition!!

1 – Crazy Christmas Lights – every year my friends back home and I would drive around and look at all of the houses that really went all out with the lights.  The tradition slipped when I moved away but I still hope we can do it again one year!  Of course, we never saw anything quite this elaborate!

2 – How to stay out of the ER this Christmas – LOL.  It’s like it was written just for accident-prone me!  Most of this is common sense, but it’s still a good read…and includes a foodsafe homemade egg nog recipe!

3 – Green Gift Giving – I love these ideas!  I remember a Christmas when I was a little kid where our packages arrived from Grandpa all wrapped in brown paper with little stars drawn on in pen.  He included a little note stating “see! festive paper!”.  Ever since, I’ve always thought it was cute and personal. 

4 – Classic Gingerbread Cookies – gingerbread is one of the “healthier” options for a holiday baked treat.  Generally they call for far less butter and sugar than your average cookie.  If you follow this recipe and stick to the recommended 5cm size, each one weighs in at only 62 calories!

5 – Just for Haligonians! – ‘My Hometown Elf’ Christmas Dinner Theatre – this is what FH and I did last night for a festive double date with our BFF’s before leaving for the holidays.  Funny little musical written and performed by East Coasters.  Yummy holiday dinner included…all served by the actors themselves. 


Do you have any cute Holiday links to share? 

Christmas traditions only your family understands?

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Angie All The Way said...

Majorly COOL xmas lights!

We're going to that dinner theatre TONIGHT for the husbands office xmas party :-D

Shirls said...

sorry I don't have anything fun to share but I sure enjoyed the ones you shared.

My Nana always sent comic books, every week from England to my sister and I after we moved, always rolled up in brown paper with a note from Nana, to this day the sight of brown paper wrapped gifts lifts my heart because I think of her and the way she kept us connected even though we were so very far away, it sure was nice to read you have a similar great memory.

And I love gingerbread and now I don't have to feel so bad about it..

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