Monday, December 28, 2009

Bad Food Blogger

I have several random photos of food.  None of which really make any sense because the days are incomplete.  Most of which are toast and peanut butter because I started out most days with the best intentions.  None of which include the variety of chocolate, chips and treats that were consumed.  None of which show the giant plate of fish and chips I ate tonight. 

However, I do have many pictures of my Mom’s new kitten.

So rather than delve into the poor choices made this past weekend, I shall introduce you to Franklyn

IMG_7765IMG_7777IMG_7787 IMG_7792IMG_7856IMG_7793IMG_7911IMG_7915IMG_7870

I was hatching plans to hide him in my suitcase and bring him home.  How adorable is he?!  And so well behaved and cuddly.

How’s that for a cop out post?  ;)

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carla said...

oooh cop out OR hath you created a new genre?
you are now officially a KITTEN BLOGGER!!


rusty61 said...

Franklin is SO cute!!!

Shirls said...

please feel free to smuggle franklin here :0)

Tamara said...

He's adorable.

You're human. Fish n chips gooooooood.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy!

Vanessa said...


Lainey said...

What a little ham! Quite the pose in every photograph. So cute!

Mary said...

That's a great cop-out post!! I love the kittie and I love your leggings!