Monday, December 21, 2009

Carb Loading

You all know how FH and I love our weekend breakfast dates at the local “greasy spoons”.  I often plan our weekend dinners to be extra healthy to make room for my bacon and eggs!  Well, obviously a weekend back home in Victoria wouldn’t be complete without a stop at my favorite diner.

After our big night out with Cat & Bre on Friday we needed some grease in our tummy’s in the morning.  Enter a trip to Floyd’s Diner here in downtown Victoria.

IMG_7671 IMG_7681

It’s a funky place right downtown.  Lots of crazy art on the wall, staff with pierced everything, mismatched tables and chairs, and coffee mugs picked up at the local second hand store.

IMG_7672 IMG_7673 IMG_7674

Floyd’s has been a weekend breakfast spot for lots of us for about the last 5 or 6 years…and every time I go I say I’m going to order something healthier, but in the end I always order the BC Hash.


Should be called “the nothing healthy hash”.  But apparently it’s funnier to make a play on the whole BC bud thing instead. 

Healthy friends avert your eyes.  Potatoes, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, onions, cheese…*drooooool*.  Plus buttery sourdough toast.  And to top off my coronary platter I ask for a side of hollandaise…

IMG_7678 IMG_7679IMG_7676

Totally hit the spot.  The only good thing “health-wise” about a meal like this is that it keeps you going pretty much all day.  I didn’t feel the need to eat again until dinner time, and even then I wasn’t starving.

Tiff and I spent the afternoon shopping while Cat and Bre chilled and enjoyed their mini-vacay.  We happened upon these cool mannequins at the mall…

IMG_7682 IMG_7683 IMG_7684 IMG_7685 IMG_7686  IMG_7688

I couldn’t find the sign that said what these were for, but probably a design student “Project Runway”-type challenge.  Everything was made out of food labels.  Super cool!

While picking up a few snacks for the evening I grabbed a big thing of salad in a bottle.  I needed some greens and I needed them quick.  I really wish I’d brought some Amazing Grass with me!


Chugged some back as soon as we got back to Tiff’s.

Tiff invited Cat & Bre over for some pre-pub drinks…and made up a little cheese platter for us too!

IMG_7691 IMG_7692 IMG_7693 

I snacked on a bit of bread and cheese and more than my share of grapes…with a potent raspberry vodka with soda…


And then it was on to Bard and Banker for a night of visiting!

I got to wear my fave new clothing acquisition…my sweater dress


And hang with more of my boys and girls…

IMG_7704 IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0760

(Cat…didn’t we take any pics of you and me this night?!!!)

There were a few Strongbows (on tap!!) and Tiff and I shared our dinner…

Chanterelle Mushroom Pasta


And Ambrosia Apple Salad


Nice and light, which was a great combat balance to the heavy breakfast!

Twas a good night for catching up, and not so much about the food or bevvies.  A bit of an early start so again Tiff and I were back at her place by 1am.  I started coming down with a cold overnight though…

Off to Nanaimo now to see my Momma so I will continue to catch you all up on the festivities once I’m settled in there!

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Dairy Free Betty said...

Nanaimo!! You are so close to me right now! hehe...

Looks like great yums!

Any great restaurant suggestions, we'll be in Victoria on Sunday for a romantic get away!! :)

We're staying in Sidney, but we'll be going downtown for a wee bit!!

Lori said...

That breakfast looks awesome!

I love the sweater dress too, you look very cute :D

carla said...

Love the dress
love the PICS!
covet the FLOYDS.

I dont have a fave greasy spoon here----yet.


Tamara said...

Can't decide what looks better - the coronary on a plate or you in that sweater dress! Sadly, I think I have to say the breakfast! :) You did look lovely though!