Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cookie Sunday

Even though we woke up to snow (a firm reminder that I really need to get my snow tires on…oooops) we still headed out for brunch with friends.  I rocked my silly toque look…at least I still had decent hair left from last night.  :)


Yes, after a night of indulgence…what do we do?  Indulge some more!  You see a bit of routine in our weekends when FH is home.  We do love our breakfasts out!

Off to Athens today…where I had my usual scrambled eggs with bacon


Added one of FH’s pancakes to my meal…skipped most of my toast…


They make an incredible pancake!!  Fluffy and a bit chewy, just the way I like them.


One of our dining companions…  :)  She’s got a banana milkshake in there!

The rest of the day was a quiet one.  FH was hanging with a buddy, so I made tea and tackled my Christmas cards


Got about 3/4 of them done…just waiting on some missing addresses.  I actually finally updated to a new address book too…something I’ve been waiting to do for months.  I like to keep a hard copy but mine was beyond outdated.  Love having it all fresh and clean!

While I worked I snacked on some of Lex’s leftover Extraordinary Cheese Dip on Belgian endive leaves


And cracked into Lynn’s sugar cookie Christmas trees…DANGER!  So good. :)


Come dinner time I had lots of choices, considering all of the potluck leftovers in our fridge.  We won’t need to buy groceries at all this week!  I opted for salad and one of Lynn’s black bean burger patties.

IMG_7284 IMG_7285

And maybe a little more cheese dip with a few wedges of sourdough

IMG_7288 IMG_7289

Dessert is a few more cookies.  nom nom nom.  How can I not try them all?  hehe.  It’s taking Tina’s “Cookie Friday” to a whole new level.  ;)

One of Angie’s Five Star Bars…droooool…that’s melted Aero bar on there…


One of Lex’s White Chocolate Toffee Cookies…deeeelish!


Now Tasha and Farm Girl’s cookies are calling me too.  Let’s see if I can stave them off by watching a little Dexter!  I think it’s becoming time to pack some of those little sugar bombs up and bury them in the freezer.  :)

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Dairy Free Betty said...

haha.. I made cookies today and ate a few too many too.. OOPS!!

Those ones all look yummy!! A cookie exchange is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

whoops! I don't think I mentioned - the 'white chocolate' was omitted from the white chocolate toffee chip cookies this year!

I love how you made such good use of the leftovers!!

H-woman said...

I should not have joined the cookie exchange! Nicole made the most fabulous peanut butter cookies with a peanut butter cup on top. Oh. My. Freaking. God. they're good!

Put the cookie down and back away slowly....

Breakfast looks yummy--I haven't been out for brekkie in ages! Maybe next weekend we'll do that.

H =)

JavaChick said...

I just keep singing: 'Tis the season to eat cookies, Fa la la la la...

Jen said...

Um, I am thinking that i NEED these recipes!!! I have a few different kinds that I like to make every year...but I would LOVE to try making something new!!!
(I copied your recipe already! Can't wait to try it!!!!)