Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holy Moly!

I’ve been go-go-going since 7am!  It’s rare I see 7am so when I do I usually fall asleep on the couch or something, but there’s no time for that today!

Took my car in to finally get my snow tires put on first thing this morning.  Ya, I know my timing is bizarre.  The snow has all melted and my car is about to be parked for two weeks.  LOL.  But I’ll betcha there’s snow on the ground when I get back!

I wisely set the coffee maker to auto-brew so I had a cup of noggy goodness to drink while I waited at the garage…


On my way home I picked up the mail, and my thank you gift from myLifetime.com had arrived.  The new Cook Yourself Thin Faster cook book! 


The recipes all look pretty tasty (and healthy!!) and many of them have beautiful photos…

140 141

I still have to get back to those recipes and try some more. 

Breakfast was shortly after I got home.  I’m not used to eating breakfast so early, so I opted for a big ol’ green smoothie


In the blender:  1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, big glob of The Bees Knees honey peanut butter, 1/2 packet of original Amazing Meal, 2 tsp flax meal, 2 big handfuls organic baby spinach, and about 1 cup skim milk.


Not pretty, but oh so tasterific!

Between working and trying to get my laundry done my day started to get away from me.  I had planned a noon workout and didn’t get there until 3pm!  But I was determined to get there because I have no idea what my workout opportunities will be when I get to Victoria.

Before I went I had lunch.  ‘Use up the perishables’ lunch. 

Tuna melt! 


WW hamburger bun, tuna, light mayo, relish, topped with 1/2 oz old white cheddar & sprinkled with paprika…


Organic vanilla yogurt with fresh pomegranate seeds


I shucked a pomegranate last night thinking I’d eat it all today, but you sure get a lot out of one of those things!!


My gym trip was very quick.  20 minute run, followed by some lower body work.  I used equipment today because I can move a little faster. 

Then I might have stopped for manicure.  :)  I never get color on my fingernails so decided to be festive…


They kind of look like pomegranate!  haha.

Of course, that little jaunt set me back an hour so I ended up working late.  Gah.  Long story short, I’m still packing and getting my laptop set up for my trip. 

I snacked on a granola bar when I got home..


I made a bigass salad for dinner because it’s exactly what I wanted I had a fridge full of produce I don’t want to waste.

Spinach, carrots, cukes, red onion, yellow peppers, tomatoes…


Topped with blue cheese, honey, s&p, walnuts, grapeseed oil…

153 155

It was HUGE!  and I snarfed it all back pretty fast!!


Followed it up with a butter tart…nom nom nom…


The rest of my evening has been laundry, packing, charging electronics, blah blah blah.  Why is travelling so much work?!!    OK, I’m going to eat an apple and pack this baby away so that’s one last thing I have to worry about.

Hopefully talk to you from the airport tomorrow morning!

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H-woman said...

Safe travels! (Cute mani, btw)

H =)

carla said...

ok thank you for saying that as, since I typically see 4a, I SOOO often want bed at 5p

I dont get it ;) but I want it...

JavaChick said...

We just got our snow tires put on Monday morning. But we will be driving our car, traveling home to NS for Christmas so for us it's good timing.

Shirls said...

enjoy the trip! and I totally agree travelilng is work! I love to change the sheets on the bed before I leave that way, nice fresh bed when I get home..

Nicole said...

Have a wonderful trip Jaime and a very happy holiday!

Dairy Free Betty said...

Have a safe trip... get ready for gross rain here!!! Lots and lots of rain!! :)

Vanessa said...

Nails look great! Hope you have a safe trip. :)

Tamara said...

Jaime you are an excellent example of making healthy eating a priority even when you are super busy. So many people would have opted for fast food on a day like this but you ate amazing food all day.

And I'm so inspired by how you can eat one butter tart at a time! LOL!

Have a safe trip.