Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It’s a Blizzard!

…and not the good, ice-creamy kind!

IMG_7361 IMG_7362

The snowy, 100km windy kind!

When I looked outside at 5pm it wasn’t snowing.  When we walked out the door at 5:45 there was snow accumulating on the roads already!  Lucky me getting to drive in rush hour highway traffic to get to the chiropractor.  Blech.  FH did the return drive to the movie theatre where we saw the free screening of Invictus (thanks to The Coast for free tickets!).  Good movie!!

IMG_7354 IMG_7355

We didn’t have dinner before the movie so we were both famished afterwards.  FH wanted pizza but instead of coming home, ordering and waiting we decided to just stop at Boston Pizza instead.  Since we were already out in the blizzard and all!


I ate the equivalent of a block of cheese!!

Shared the cheese toast starter…it should be called crack toast


I could have opted for salad.  I almost always order the spinach salad at BP.  But it was blowing icy snow outside so salad wasn’t going to cut it. 

Individual Cajun Shrimp Pizza


I know many of you might not think this is possible…but there was too.much.cheese.  I’d ask for no cheddar next time…and half the mozza.  I totally loved the tomatoes on top though!


I ate half and brought the rest home to add to the rest of the leftovers in our fridge. 


<< Rewinding to the rest of the day…

Breakfast smoothie: Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood, 1/2 banana, spinach, flax meal, unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze


Half-caf & nog…


Toast with The Bee’s Knees and banana…


Quick trip to the gym.  I RAN 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT YOU GUYS!!!  I was pressed for time so told myself I just had to run as long as I could so I could get out of there…and I made it all the way to the end of my time slot.  :)  Including warm-up and cooldown = 2.85km, 25 mins, 230 cals.  Added 3 sets of a variety of crunches to this for a full workout.

After which I had a speedy, hot shower and an even speedier lunch.  My weekly conference call was pending.

Small bowl of Farm Girl jambalaya


Juicy pear with multigrain Wheat Thins and light Babybel


After the 2 hour call I decided I should probably have a snack before the movie.  There were a lot of smashed pieces in the bag of Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels so I’ve been saving them in a container.  Today I got the GENIUS idea to stir some into my vanilla yogurt.

IMG_7352 IMG_7353

Deeeeeelish.  I am so smart!  haha.

Oh, and I packed a couple of mini candy canes in my purse for the movie.


I also packed water but forgot it in the car…so now I’m super thirsty!!

OK, that catches you up.  It’s been quite a day. 

The wind is shaking the house!!

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Dairy Free Betty said...

Wow.. icky weather. I dislike snow... I like to visit it, but I'd rather it just didn't snow close to me!!

I order pizza with no cheese all the time, it took me awhile to get used to, but now I love it!!

Don't blow away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lainey said...

Brrrr!!! It's kind of like that here, but it's not windy anymore (not right now, anyway). It was a few days ago. It just keeps snowing and snowing...

Blech, I don't like Boston Pizza's pizza. Now their wings, on the other hand... But I've been spoiled by my own rather delicious an' wunnerful homemade pizza.

BTW, I asked you awhile ago where you found eggnog for 80 calories per cup, but if you answered I didn't see it. Or did you mean 80 calories per cup WITH the gingerale? I tried it, but I can't say I found it too good. It was okay, but not quite for me.

JavaChick said...

Too much cheese? I haven't been to Boston Pizza often, but the pizzas I've had always seemed a bit skimpy on the cheese if I remember rightly.

We had blizzard blizzard blizzard then woke up to 6 degrees and melting snow. Great except for the ice that is now coating our driveway.

Anonymous said...

my theory is that if you are going out to eat you should eat what that restaurant is famous for, or something you couldn't make at home. so good choice on the pizza. yum, pizza.

that cheese bread is a real weakness of mine. especially the kind from jack astors.

Shirls said...

sounds like the blizzard that hit us last Friday has made its way east, ick. Although I do have to say when your sick, its not a bad thing to have a blizzard out to remind you to stay in and take it easy ;0)

I soooo want some of those pretzels!

Shirls said...

and I have to say the run? 20 mins straight freaking awesome!! Go Jaime, Go Jaime!

Angie All The Way said...

That's freaking AWESOME lady!! WOOOOOT! I still remember the JOY I felt when I did that for the first time! I seriously felt like a Marathoner or something :-D


I thought about you last night being out in that weather to watch that movie. I was a worried Mom!

marie said...

WTG on the run!

Vanessa said...

Awesome job on the run!

It has been cold and nasty here in Winnipeg for the past few days as well. 'Tis the season, I guess!