Friday, December 11, 2009

Kiss My Elf!

Whew.  Finally time to catch up on yesterday.  After taking the morning to get my hair done I didn’t have time to write up another blog post before heading out for the evening…and when we got home I was too tired to computate.

Turns out that it’s good I waited to recap because Angie is with her hubby’s Xmas party attending this same dinner theatre right now!  So this way I didn’t spoil anything for her.

FH and I wanted to have a festive double date with our besties before we leave town for the holidays so I had suggested The Halifax Feast because I had such a fun time there with the blogger gals at Thanksgiving.  Our friends found this other one with a turkey dinner and better parking so we opted for it instead.

“My Hometown Elf” Dinner Theatre at Alderney Landing

Before we left I snarfed down a handful of TJ’s peanut butter pretzels while doing my make-up.  My lack of breakfast and tiny lunch caught up with me.  I hate when I do that!

I love when I get a fun new outfit though!  My very first sweater-dress and new black dress boots.


Don’t worry, I plan to rock this outfit again in Victoria next weekend so I’ll ensure I get better pics.  :)

Thankfully the dinner theatre had salads and rolls already laid out when we arrived at our table.  It’s nothing fancy but it certainly stopped me from chewing my arm off.

003 005

I gave half my roll to FH and enjoyed one tiny little White Russian during the first act of the show.

002 004

The show itself is mainly a selection of songs…some Christmas, some not…interspersed with comedic interactions of the five characters.  Each actor took turns with the instruments and the singing (and they were all of course our servers as well!).  Written by two of the fellas in the show…all Maritimers…it was funny, kinda goofy, certainly talented, and a good time for all.  Particularly funny are the ‘grumpy’ ‘part-time’ elves…Sunshine and Figgy.  haha.

010 012

“All the songs we sing tonight help to power Santa’s flight!!”

014 024

Dinner included a traditional turkey dinner catered by MacAskills Restaurant.

Turkey, tiny bit of stuffing (hiding under the turkey), creamy mashed potatoes, veggie medley, gravy, and a cranberry tart.

015  017 016

For dessert they served really good carrot cake and coffee (or tea).


Simple but tasty, and very festive!  (and not an overwhelming portion…it was just right for me!)

Kudos to our waiter ‘Tinsel’, all of the elves, and Alderney Theatre for providing us with a fun night.  It was only their second night, so a few timing kinks to work out…but all in all we totally enjoyed it for something different to do.


After dinner the four of us headed up the street to make an appearance at FH’s work Christmas party.  He’d missed the memo about the date change (we thought it was next week when we are out of town) so tickets for the dinner part were sold out by the time he checked into it.  So we schmoozed with a few of his buddies and the CO, had one drinky-poo and then headed home.

It wasn’t even a late night, but I was tuckered out when we got home.  It was the start of FH’s holidays so he wanted to stay up and listen to Christmas music, but alas I zonked out on him and climbed into my pj’s.  ooooops!

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Vanessa said...

Cute dress!!!

Dairy Free Betty said...

sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Lainey said...

Love sweater dresses! You look great!

Jenny said...

You're from Victoria? I'm living in Victoria (from Newfoundland)!!

LOVE the outfit!!

Syl said...

Love the dress Jamie, you look great!