Thursday, December 03, 2009

Make Time to Breathe

…even if it is at 10pm.

Whenever I am bored and whining, remind me that I was begging for down time OK?  Holy busy girl, Batman.  Today was another day of non-stop go-go-go. 

Both FH and I had a restless night last night.  We both suffer odd bouts of insomnia from time to time, and last night was his turn.  Poor guy says he didn’t sleep all night…hate that.  I too tossed and turned and didn’t get a solid sleep.

So getting up this morning wasn’t exactly fun.  Then I realized I hadn’t preset the coffee maker.  Bummer.  Stood staring at the pot until it dripped enough coffee to pour my first cup


With egg nog of course. 

With no desire to actually make anything for breakfast I grabbed this Cascadian Farms granola bar that Elizabeth sent in my US care package.


Loved it.  Especially dipped in my coffee. You really can’t go wrong with cinnamon, ya know?

Came back for breakfast number two once my berries had thawed and my coffee had kicked in. 


That super tasty (and thick!) Organic Astro yogurt with fresh frozen strawberries & blueberries.


Lunch was late because I got caught up in work.  I did down two full litres of water for a Twitter water challenge during that time though.  You know you are dehydrated when your lips are chapped and you haven’t even been outside.  I gulped back my first litre in like 10 minutes, so refilled and kept drinking

For lunch I was having trouble finding any protein in the fridge so was considering a fried egg.  Then remembered the carton of egg whites so cooked some up in the microwave…


Topped with 1/4 oz old white cheddar for the last 15 seconds of cooking.

And popped on top of half of a toasted ww English muffin


Topped with salsa.


The other half of the English muffin served as second lunch…with peanut butter & raspberry jam


Finished work exactly on time tonight.  That’s a first in a while.  I clicked the last item I had to do at 4:58 and promptly walked away from my desk.

Ate a homemade cookie to hold me over while I ran out to get groceries for tomorrow night’s Halibloggers potluck.  This is a sneak preview of the cookies I baked for the exchange too.  :)


For dinner I asked FH if I could just bring something home so dinner wouldn’t be served at 8pm.  He asked for some comfort food from McD’s so I got that for him and got myself some Subway.

The wait at both places was stupid.  Neither place was busy but at Subway I was behind a very slow family, and at McDonald’s one of the workers had screwed something up that was delaying and messing up the rest of the orders.  Gah.  Oh well, I guess that’s the price I pay for taking the easy route for dinner.  lol.

I got a small fry from McD’s.  Can’t resist!!!


And a foot long turkey breast sub on honey oat bread.  Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, black olives (which I proceeded to pick out…yucky), with a single line of light mayo, big squirt of mustard and s&p. 

IMG_7107 IMG_7108

I ate about 3/4 of it. 

Then packed up cookies, wrapped some gifts, wrote some cards, talked to my step-brother for 45 minutes, and finally now this is my “quality time” with FH.  Thankfully he’s Googling or something so being on my computer is OK.  :)

When I hit publish I’m going to eat this evil choco-PB Santa and enjoy my Candy Cane Lane tea.  Whatever else I had to do tonight will just have to wait.



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Coffeeintherain said...

Your food always looks so tasty! :)

Shrinking Jen said...

Your sub looks great!! I'm not just saying that because I had almost the exact same one tonight (I get extra pickles on mine). I hope you and FH sleep better tonight!

Nicole said...

How do you get your pictures to look like that? I must need photography lessons or something...and your sub looked yummy!!! I just realized I forgot to buy eggs at the store for breakie tomorrow ....dang it *laughs*

Dairy Free Betty said...

I get the same sub as you!! yum. I also pick off most of the olives and a single strip of mayo haha.. too funny!!

Your egg thingy looked delish too!! :)

princessvalecia said...

yummy looking as always!

Lainey said...

The egg thing looks good...I see you took my salsa suggestion. Better than ketchup, no? ;o)

Where did you get egg nog for 80 calories per cup? I bought some light stuff today that was still 220 calories per cup!

Anonymous said...

I have to wait for my coffee maker to perk every morning, must get a new one soon!

That Astro yogourt is awesome and a decent price for a big tub too.

Cookies look yummy, tonight's gonna be a good time! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that McDonald's bag in a long time! Actually that's not true - I split a hashbrown last weekend LOL. Cookie looks yum. Hope you get some DT (downtime) soon.

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

I use salsa on tons of stuff!!! You see it often around here...just not on scrambled eggs...that's always ketchup!!