Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pit Stop

I made it to Calgary!  However their free wi-fi seems to be eluding me.  Dirty buggers.  That’s OK, my first flight was delayed an hour this morning leaving me with a slightly tight squeeze for my layover.  

This morning started out bright and early at 5am.  Blech.  Not sure if you noticed but I didn’t get to bed until 12:40am.  Ewwwww. 

Surprisingly I’m not a grumpy-guss!!  And I didn’t sleep on the first leg of my flight due to two incredibly chatty ladies sitting beside me.  We talked the entire time.  haha.  I never do that!  Generally I’m the girl that falls asleep and drools on herself.  :)

Needless to say, it’s going to be an early night tonight!

Started the morning with a Starbucks stop (obviously, like there was ever any doubt!).  Unpictured triple grande non-fat vanilla latte was consumed on drive to airport.  Maybe that’s what kept me going for the 5 hour flight?!

In my foggy haze I didn’t plan my breakfast or snacks very well, so I grabbed this yogurt parfait at the airport.  $5!!  That’s what I get for not thinking ahead.

IMG_7554 IMG_7557

I ate half at take-off and the other half about 2 hours in.  I was actually starving but didn’t want to buy anything from the on-board snacks, so I fished this Amazing Grass energy bar out of the bottom of my purse…


Yaieeee for purse snacks!!  I ate half.  I suspect the other half won’t make it to Victoria. (actually it did make it, I fell asleep!)

There was also the last butter tart…which escaped my camera because I was busy chatting.  Plus I always get the little bags of Bits & Bites from the drink cart when they come around.  Those are seriously the highlight of my Westjet flights!  haha.  I had two.  :)

I brought my own water bottle this time too.  I always end up spending $10 on airport water when I travel.  If you bring an empty bottle and ask someone in one of the cafes really nicely, they’ll fill it for you.  :)

Once we got to Calgary and I did a walking lap around the wing to get blood flowing to my bum again, I headed straight for food.  I’ll be honest…there is a Subway here…but the line was like 12 people deep.  So I opted for Manchu Wok


I asked for steamed rice and chose the two ‘healthiest’ options I could see…mixed veggies and chicken & mushrooms (with lots of zucchini).


The chicken was yucky and there wasn’t much of it so I’m still craving protein, but the rest was good.  She overloaded the rice so I only ate half.

Now I’ve got me a Tazo African Red Bush tea (yummy!  They were out of Refresh so recommended this and it totally hit the spot!) and I’m eyeing up the Sweet Factory for some jelly beans or something…we shall see.  Really I wish I had remembered the pear I left in my fridge.  :)


[I did NOT hit the Sweet Factory…WIN!]

Victoria here I come!

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Shirls said...

damn it! If it worked out I totally would have loved to kill some time with you in the cowtown airport!! you were so close... damn it!!

way to rock the airplane food, especially being as unplanned as it happened to be, impressive!!

Jen said...

I almost ALWAYS hit the sweet shop at Calgary airport...I love it...

You TOTALLY rocked it girl!!! That is amazing planning!!!

Cat said...

The wifi at that airport is crap...did you keep getting some strange screen asking you to sign up for something? I gave up and walked around. I hate that terminal with the big plane toy in the middle and all the noisy kids....bah humbug!!

You did good my, onto empty calories in the form of drinks this weekend.