Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spoiled Silly

Holy moly it’s been a big year for gifts and loot!  Not only did my birthday prezzies continue to trickle in right up until yesterday but Christmas was also incredibly good to me!

As you all know, FH and I wait until our return to Halifax to celebrate our Christmas together.  We both arrived home yesterday…completely exhausted.  After a much needed nap (or two!) we exchanged gifts.

He got me an incredibly unexpected surprise!  A FABULOUS Kitchen Aid blender!!!!  *feel free to drool in jealousy here!*


He generally doesn’t like to A) buy appliances or B) ask my Mom for help…but this year he went against his usual methods and broke both his rules.  :)

441442   444446

Isn’t she pretty?  You know there will be much smoothie love going on in the New Year.  Is it OK to hug a kitchen appliance?


Just so you know that I too did good with my shopping…I will tell you that FH set up his gift today and has been happily “testing it out” ever since.  Beatles Rock Band for his Playstation 3 may possibly be the best last minute thought for a gift I’ve ever had.


I knew he would like it, but I’m pleased to report that he LOVES it.

427 439

You just know what we’re doing for our New Year’s gathering this evening.  :)

In addition to our gifts, I also came home to find gifties from the fabulous Miss Amy!  Not only did she choose me in our Blogger Secret Santa exchange, but she also sent along a belated birthday package!  What a girl!

Lululemon running gloves.  She knew I was coveting these.  Don’t you just love twitter?!  haha.


Also a gorgeous snowflake decoration, Xmas socks, and much beloved Burts Bees lipbalm for when I tackle the outdoor running.

413414 415

And just to leave you with a little New Year suspense…the postman delivered my special Boxing Day package today too!!!


Any guesses?  (anyone following Twitter probably knows…haha)



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Jackie said...

Love the blender... and yes it is ok to hug a kitchen appliance :o)

Nicole said...

I think it's perfectly acceptable to hug an appliance!

Happy New Year Jaime!! May 2010 bring you every blessing and joy!

carla said...

HAPPPY 2010!
I laugh that, as a woman who uses her blender 3 times a day, there is nothing more exciting to me than a brand spanking new one!! :)


Anonymous said...

FH picked out an awesome gift for you, definitely okay to hug her!

J's brother has the Beatles game, we played it on Xmas Eve, was tons of fun!

OHHHHH, is that box what I think it is??????? ;)

Happy New Year Jaime!

Jen said...

You are WELL loved girl and it shows!!!

I SO want a kitchenaid blender just sucks!!!

I KNOW you are going to have a blast playing with the contents of your parcel!!! I STILL am! (however, I never post about it...must get on that!)

Happy new year gorgeous!! xoxo

Jennie said...

Ahhh I'm dying to know what's in the box! lol.

Happy New Year Jaime! :)

Tamara said...

I can relate to the blender love. A good blender can be life changing. Not even kidding!

Happy New Year Jaime. Thanks for all the food porn this year! I'm looking forward to more.

Kim said...

We LOVE Beatles Rockband! How great are the graphics on that game?! And the music selection is so fun! Good gift!