Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sugar Powered Saturday

The plan for today was shop, shop, shop.  For this I needed to ensure a good caffeine intake and long lasting breakfast.  Conveniently I had a coffee date planned with a couple of girlfriends this morning!

We’ve been hearing about a gem of a cafe over in Dartmouth so I suggested we try it out today.  Two if by Sea Cafe did not disappoint!

IMG_7445 IMG_7437

I ordered a Cafe Mocha.  No non-fat, or half-sweet, or anything different…just straight up.  The way it really should be sometimes.

I adore coffee art!!!


And a homemade pain au chocolat…which I knew would be huge because croissants are the cafe’s specialty…but this was literally half the size of my head.


Crisp, buttery, still warm.  OMG.  People, seriously heaven in a pastry!!!  Completely and totally worth the indulgence


Sarah ordered Earl Grey tea, which was loose-leaf and served in this super cute individual press pot


And the almond croissant which was possibly larger than mine…


I totally missed getting a pic of Cosette’s soy chai latte…but I think that is because I was busy ooohing and aaahing over Camille’s fancy-schmancy hot chocolate


And marvelling that her cookie was indeed the size of her whole head!


Monthly cafe date?  I think it’s a must!!

Cosette also brought me a belated birthday prezzie!!!  The reFresh cookbook.  Drooooool.  You should see the list of juices, smoothies, salads, noodle bowls, and other fun recipes in here!!


After our coffee chat I headed off to the mall.  I really wanted to power-shop the day away and tackle as many gifts as possible.  I did OK but I have a couple of family members that are brutal to shop for!!  I accomplished about half of what I wanted, but such is life.

I did follow my own shopping rules though.  My breakfast held me over for HOURS (eliminating the need for lunch), I avoided the chocolate shops, I brought a bottle of water and a snack in my purse…

IMG_7447 IMG_7448

I avoided stopping for food court or take-out and instead made a quick trip to the grocery store for fresh eats for dinner.  After all of the chocolate and pastry I was seriously craving veggies and protein!! 

White wine & herb salmon from Superstore, baked zucchini slices with olive oil, steamed broccoli & carrots

IMG_7451 IMG_7452

My body is thanking me!!

I did miss my rule about planning in some activity though.  Once I got into the house from the crazy cold wind I had no intention of heading back out to the gym. 

My evening entails The Christmas Shoes, a few household chores, painting my toenails, and some Candy Cane Lane tea


I’ll sleep well tonight.  :)

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Anonymous said...

That cafe sounds so Parisian! If only I had found such a place actually in Paris LOL.

maria said...

Love Fresh! It's one of my favourite little lunch spots here in Toronto. Next time you girls are in TO, right? Right?!


MoraPiggy said...

I tried your Mayan Chocolate Sparklers and posted about them on my blog. Yum!! Thanks for sharing.

Dairy Free Betty said...

soooooo super jealous. none of my grocery stores are selling candy cane lane this year, it's my FAVORITE tea!!!

Those coffee's were so super cute!

Me, Only Better said...

Your croissant looks so good! Yummy! Sometimes you need to indulge!

Your healthy dinner looks delish too!

Espressomama said...

You know The Christmas Shoes was filmed in Dartmouth. You had a real Dartmouth day!

Anonymous said...

You are going to love that cookbook - the resto the recipes are from is amazing!