Monday, December 14, 2009

Time Flies When I’ve Got a To-Do List the Length of my Arm!!

First thing this morning I wrote out my to-do list for the next two days.  There are 21 things on my list!!!  And I’m sure that doesn’t include everything.  Yikes!!

Am I the only one that feels it necessary to clean the whole house before leaving on vacay?  I realize it’s an added stress beforehand, but won’t it be so nice to have nothing but a little dusting to do when I get back for New Years!?!

In order to regain my composure after writing this list, I obviously needed coffeeeeeeee…with light egg nog sploooosh!


With some peanut buttery toast with bananas…


I think if I had to, this is the one breakfast I could eat every day and be OK with it.  :)  nom nom nom.

I had thought I might try to hit the gym for lunch time today but instead got on the phone with my Mama, so workout shall be with the after work crowd.  Pleeeeeease don’t be busy!!!

While chatting I made a lunchy concoction.  Tuna + lemon-dill hummus = deeeelish!  It ain’t no mayo but it hit the protein-filled spot.  :)


With veggies…mmmmmm…vegggggieeeeees.  Carrots, cukes, yellow peppers.  And multigrain Wheat Thins.  Love.

076 077

Oh, but the biggest most wonderfullest news of the day…<drum roll please>…my belated birthday gift from FH arrived today!!!


Hello beautiful.  Meet Garmin Forerunner 50!!!


It is belated because I had to pick it out and I couldn’t decide which heart rate monitor I wanted.  I don’t run enough to purchase a really fancy or expensive one, but I did want the option of tracking distance to be available to me.  This simple Garmin seems a good choice because I can purchase an optional foot pod for mileage if I decide I like it.  Most of the other HRMs don’t have that option.  Not in this price range anyway.  Only $75!!! had them on for $25 off.  :)

Happy Birthday to me.  Thanks honey!!

Now of course I need to find time to power it up and fiddle with it.  I think this will take priority this evening over um, well cleaning the bathtub.  haha.


Snacking on some TJ’s peanut butter pretzels and chugging a litre of water right now in prep for hitting the gym in about an hour.  My bum hurts from yesterday’s squats, so I think upper body will be on the agenda.

And possibly an appearance of the Christmas treat hiding in yesterday’s lululemon bag.  *giggles*  Stay tuned!!

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Yum Yucky said...

See. this is where I mess up. My buttery toast would contain...butter. No bananas. But I never tried it with.

Ooo. Love the Garmin.

Vanessa said...

Tuna + hummus = delish.

Your new Garmin is sweet! Great price, too. Lucky girl :D

Anonymous said...

I love that you tagged this "egg noggerific." Too much. :)

andrea. said...

I totally agree that the house *has* to be cleaned before leaving for vacation! There have been times I've been up till 3am cleaning, but I have NEVER regretted when arriving back home. :)

Jess said...

I`m surprised you still have the peanut butter pretzels!!!
I think oatmeal would be the breakfast I would never get sick of:P
And I`m getting a heart monitor for chrismtas:P Hopefully with a mileage tracker too! Let use know how you like it!

Lori said...

I like a clean house to come back to from vacation as well. Especially knowing a pet sitter will be coming into the house!! Eeek!

Fun garmin toy, too. I am jealous!

Shirls said...

sweet present!! love it, I didn't knwo they even offered one with a distance add on feature. I wear a heart rate monitor and a garmin when running, yep Shirls = geeky

carla said...

you are so freakin cute---Id hire you in a minute.


what should I hire you to do?
come and hang with me and the child??

Nicole said...

My mom cleans her house before the cleaning lady comes to clean, so you're more normal than you think *S*