Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Waiting to Settle

I’m currently sporting a food baby in ma belly!  I think I just ate dinner for lunch.  It didn’t seem that big until I chowed it all down.  haha.

Twas just a weee salad


Um, OK, with a wedge of sourdough (the lid from the bread bowl!) schmeared with Lex’s cheese dip and toasted in the oven until gooey…


Topped with tomato slices


Deeeeelish.  Seriously.  Like, nom nom nom NOM!!!

But now it’s gonna take like 137 hours to digest that sucker, and I have a run on the agenda.  Whooops.

Thankfully breakfast was pretty light.

Half-caf ‘n’ nog


FH mentioned egg McMuffins this morning which of course got me wanting one…so I made my own version…


No English muffins left, but Lynn left some burger buns here the other night…


Egg white done in the nuker…with a smidge of old cheddar


Two crispy bacon slices


Et voila!

With hashbrowns purple grapes


I’m sipping on a festive mocktail now.  POM-tangerine mixed with diet ginger ale…fizzy deeelish!


OK, belly…digest, digest, digest!!  :)

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Lynn said...

I'm glad you're making use of all those leftovers! :)

Tamara said...

I drink mint tea when my tummy feels that way. It helps every time. Maybe one of those minty hot chocolates!

Dairy Free Betty said...

haha.. when I read Pom I automatically thought Pomtini.. and I was thinkin... you go girl!! haha

I loooove that Starbucks mug, I've never seen it there before!

Have a great day!!

Natalie said...

That drink looks so refreshing. Yummers!

Shirls said...

I'm totally making my way back and forth between my own verision of a mcmuffin and oatmeal with trail mix for breakfast of late, I don't do the bacon thing but I do have cheese, and a squirt of ketchup, yum!